Best answer: Absolutely. The Eero Pro router is fully compatible with Apple's voice assistant Siri. This is made possible in large part to its advanced WiFi system.

The science behind Siri and Eero integration

With upgrades to Apple's iOS mobile operating system, many household devices such as cameras and routers received full support into the iOS platform. Eero is one of the few who can handle this kind of connectivity reliably.

So, basically, you can command Siri to control all smart home devices in your household. This can only be done if you have accessories with a compatible router. That's where Eero comes in. For example, if you want to turn smart lights on or off in your home just using your voice, Siri can do that.

Perfect connection

Here's an ideal real world situation. Let's just say you want to create a "Heading Home" shortcut on your iPhone. When you say the "Heading Home" command to Siri, the voice assistant can automatically do things based on the shortcut you created, such as adjusting the temperature, lights, etc. Eero's advanced WiFi system allows these types of commands to happen.

Just from a design perspective, Eero's router looks like a sleeker, more rounded version of Apple's Airport Express base station. The Eero Pro routers even have Secure features that allow you to essentially firewall off certain attacks to your Eero router like accessing your full home network.

Smart router

Eero Pro

A minimalist dream

The Eero Pro provides an attractive minimalist design packed with features. It's the perfect companion for smart home accessories. It covers up to 1,500 square feet.

More oomph

Eero Home Wi-Fi System with 1 Eero + 2 Beacons

Most powerful connection

Eero's Home Wi-Fi System with one Eero Pro and two Eero Beacons is for those with more space to cover in and around their home or business. The Eero Pro covers up to 1,500 square feet alone, while each Beacon covers 1,000 square feet respectively.

Enhance your Wi-Fi

Eero Home Wi-Fi System with 1 Eero + 1 Beacons

Enhanced connectivity and range

This bundle pack is for those who want just a little more power and range. Although it's not the most power and expensive bundle pack, it does still deliver on range for homes with two floors.

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