5 products that can improve Wi-Fi, HomeKit and Alexa device reliability

Creating a smart home setup can be a lot of fun — you get to install a bunch of products that you'll be able to control with your voice or a tap on your mobile device. It gives you a level of control over your home that you've likely never had before. From multicolor bulbs to non-contact sensors on your doors and windows, you can monitor and command your home whether you're home or away.

There's one small concern, though: signal. Depending on the building materials of your space, the placement of your smart home accessories, your router, and more, you could find yourself having trouble connecting to the multitude of smart home goodies you've placed in your space. If that's a problem for you, you can use these products to boost your Wi-Fi signal and improve the reliability of your smart accessories.

These Bluetooth extenders will require your patience (they launch sometime this year), but if you're having signal trouble with your Bluetooth LE accessories, a Bluetooth extender could be just what the smart home doctor (🤔) ordered.

Both ConnectSense and Eve have announced extenders that will work a lot like Wi-Fi repeaters. You place them near the edge of your existing Bluetooth coverage and they'll grab and extend the signal. These will be particularly handy if you've got Bluetooth LE accessories outside your home.

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Bluetooth Extenders

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