Does the Mophie Juice Pack Access recharge the iPhone or case first?

Does the Mophie Juice Pack Access recharge the iPhone or case first?

How does charging work?

The Juice Pack Access uses what Mophie calls Priority+ Charging, which means plugging the USB-C cable into the battery case's USB-C port sends power to your iPhone before sending power to the Juice Pack Access. This duo also works with wireless charging pads. All you have to do is lay the battery-case-protected iPhone on a compatible pad and the charging process begins. Even when charging wirelessly, your iPhone takes precedence over the battery case.

Since the Juice Pack Access' and the iPhone's ports are both accessible, you could even choose to charge both devices at the same time. Simply plug a USB-C cable into Mophie's battery case and plug a Lightning cable into the iPhone. It will make the charging process go a lot faster if both devices charge at once. Additionally, all iPhone X models and the Juice Pack Access battery cases support PD fast charging so the charging process could go by lickety-split if you have the proper chargers.

What makes the Mophie Juice Pack Access unique?

On the backside of the battery case, you'll find a button and four LEDs. Pressing this button for three seconds makes the Juice Pack Access battery give power to the iPhone. Hold the button for another three seconds to stop charging. The accompanying LEDs let you know how much power is left in the battery. When only one LED remains on, you'll want to recharge the battery pack.

Another unique trait of the Juice Pack Access is the way it opens and closes. You'll pull the battery case open into two separate parts when installing or removing your iPhone. You might think this would make the case less durable and a little too easy to open, however, the case is built well and only opens when you specifically intend it to. It's covered with a smooth rubber so it also feels pleasant to the touch.

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