PowerBeats Pro wireless earbuds

Best Answer: No, the PowerBeats Pro charging case does not have wireless charging capabilities. It will only charge up via a Lightning cable.

So unlike the AirPods 2, I can't charge these on a Qi charging mat?

That's correct. The charging case for the PowerBeats Pro does not have the ability to charge wirelessly via Qi-certified charging mats, unlike the AirPods Wireless Charging Case. The only way to charge the PowerBeats Pro charging case is with a Lightning cable.

Yeah, you'll need to charge up that case with a cable, you know, like an animal.

What's the charge capacity on the PowerBeats Pro charging case?

Like the AirPods charging case, the PowerBeats Pro charging case can hold an additional 24 hours of charge for the earbuds themselves. However, since the PowerBeats Pro has a 9-hour battery life with normal use, the 24-hour charge capacity on the case will last longer. You will not be charging up your PowerBeats Pro as much as other wireless earbuds, such as the AirPods. This should also result in less wear-and-tear on the charge capacity, which is always a bonus.

So what's the battery life on the PowerBeats Pro?

While AirPods 2 last about five hours on a single charge, the PowerBeats Pro has a much more impressive 9-hour playback battery life. This is much more than the AirPods 2, as well as other competitors like Jabra Elite 65t.

Even though the PowerBeats Pro charging case holds 24 hours of charge like the AirPods charging case, you'd need to charge them less due to the PowerBeats Pro's exceptional battery life.

When you put the PowerBeats Pro earbuds into the charging case, you'll get an additional 1.5-hours playback with just five minutes inside the case. With 15 minutes of charging, you'll get another 4.5 hours of playback.

Of course, actual battery may vary depending on your usage, but this is the average as quoted by Beats.

Our pick

PowerBeats Pro

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The PowerBeats Pro are an excellent choice of wireless earbuds for workouts. It features a secure around-the-ear design, has physical buttons to make playback control easier, and the battery life is phenomenal compared to the competition. It also features the same H1 chip as the AirPods 2, so you get features like voice activated "Hey, Siri." PowerBeats Pro also come in several color options.

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Apple's latest iteration of AirPods includes the H1 chip for faster connecting and the ability for voice-activated "Hey, Siri" control. The charging case also comes in a wireless option now.

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