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Best Answer: No. The Withings Move keeps track of many things, but heart rate is not one of them. The Withings Move will seamlessly track your fitness activities and a built in GPS. Withings is also releasing the Move ECG later in the year, which has a built in ECG monitor, but it won't be able to track continuous heart rate, unfortunately.

No tracking my heart rate with Withings Move?

Unfortunately not. The Withings Move is an affordable analog watch with built-in fitness tracking features and it costs a fraction of other smart watches, including Apple Watch.

One of the standout features of the Withings Move is the outstanding battery life, which lasts up to 18 months on a single coin battery. If it had continuous heart rate monitoring, you definitely would not be getting such amazing battery life.

So, what does the Withings Move keep track of?

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The Withings Move is a simple, bare-bones fitness tracker that will count your calories, steps, sleep patterns. It also has GPS built-in so you can see where you walked, ran, or cycled. While it looks like a regular watch, it's actually smart enough to automatically detect when you walk, run, swim, or bike. There are also 10 other activities that it automatically recognizes, so you don't even need to manually start a workout to keep track of your activity.

If you're doing an activity that isn't automatically detected, don't worry! Withings Move supports over 30 other different types of physical activity so you can choose what you're doing from the list and start keeping track. The Withings Move tracks your burned calories and even distance, plus the integrated GPS lets you see your own path.

Sleep tracking is also a big part of the Withings Move. It can detect your light and deep sleep cycles, any interruptions in your slumber, plus sleep depth and regularity. You get a sleep score every morning based on your rest from the night, and there is Smart Wake-Up with a silent alarm.

How do I view all of the data?

The Withings Move syncs all collected data back to the Withings Health Mate app. You'll see all of your information displayed in clean bar graphs in the app and your sleep scores are highlighted each day.

This information is also what you should use when checking out Withings Wellness Programs, which are coaching programs that help guide you on the road to better health. They are all optional, but they can definitely help you improve your own results. All of the data collected from the Withings Move that goes into the Health Mate app also get synced with Apple Health.

How about the Withings Move ECG?

Withings Move ECG is a different version of the Move that is coming out later this year. The Withings Move ECG is pretty much identical to the Move, except there's an ECG icon on the watch face and you get the built-in ECG monitor. The ECG is helpful in detecting atrial fibrillation, a common heart rhythm disorder that can lead to heart failure and is a risk for stroke.

Since it includes ECG, it only has 12-month battery life, which is six months short of the regular Move. Including advanced features like an ECG monitor already reduce the previously amazing battery life, so including continuous heart rate monitoring will only shorten it further.

The Move ECG will only be able to do ECG, which is activated by placing your fingers on the watch case, and in 20 seconds it'll record an electrocardiogram. Since the Move ECG only does ECG readings on-demand, it's not the same as a 24/7 heart rate monitor. For that, you'll want something like an Apple Watch or even one of the new Fitbits.

Our pick

Black Green Withings Move

Withings Move

Affordable and stylish fitness tracking

The Withings Move is a stylish and functional analog watch and fitness tracker. It automatically detects several popular fitness activities flawlessly, but you can also manually track over 30 other options too. It also tracks your sleep, calories, distance with GPS, and lasts 18-months on a single coin battery. Unfortunately, it does not track your heart rate.

If you need a heart rate monitor

White Fitbit Inspire HR

Fitbit Inspire HR

Track your heart rate

The Fitbit inspire HR is a slim and stylish fitness tracker that will track your calories, exercise, sleep, and flights of stairs. It also has a built-in heart rate monitor and an LCD screen. You can even change out the band to match your outfit for a fancy night out.

A smart watch that tracks everything and then some

Gold Apple Watch 4 pink sand band

Apple Watch Series 4 44mm

The Apple Watch Series 4 does it all. You can get all of your notifications on it, make use of watchOS apps, track your calories, steps, exercise, stand hours, heart rate, ECG, and pretty much everything else under the sun with the GPS tracking. It's a fantastic smart watch that does it all and is well worth the cost.

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