Don't fall for this 'Steve Jobs is alive' Reddit conspiracy photo

What you need to know

  • Reddit found a photo of a man in Egypt looks kinda like Steve Jobs.
  • That's triggered conspiracy theorists into claiming Jobs faked his death and is now in hiding.
  • The Apple co-founder passed away in 2011 after a battle with pancreatic cancer.

Conspiracy theorists have gone into a frenzy over a photo of a man who looks strikingly like Steve Jobs. The image popped up on Reddit and has since garnered thousands of upvotes, with many people voicing their astonishment at the similarities.

"I know this is supposed to be a joke, but WTF, this guy looks too much like Steve Jobs to be so random," one Reddit user wrote.

"Faked his death like 2pac (who is supposedly living in Brazil or Cuba)," another Reddit user said.

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The image was allegedly taken in Egypt and features a man casually sitting at a table at night. At first glance, you'd swear it was a picture of the late Apple CEO; the wireframe glasses, the short beard, the thinning hair. The man even has his hand up to his chin, as though he's contemplating Apple's next big product.

But Jobs passed away in 2011 of pancreatic cancer — and, no, the Apple co-founder didn't fake his death, and he's not in hiding with Jim Morrison or Elvis.

Steve Jobs was of Syrian ancestry and finding celebrity doppelgängers is more common than you think. This just so happens to be latest one Reddit has picked up on.

Who is this man really? Does he know he looks like Steve Jobs? That's the part no one, not even Reddit bothers with. Or, you know, that he was an actual human being with people who cared about him very much.

Remebering Steve Jobs

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