Dragalia Lost: Everything you need to know

Hey, Y'all!

I have great news, humans and dragons are pact-bound once more!

Through a special Mobile Direct, Nintendo announced the forthcoming launch of Dragalia Lost. It's an all-new action RPG for mobile devices where you and your teammates bond with dragons in order to defend the kingdom of Alberia

What it's about

The main character is the Seventh Royal Prince of Alberia a place where humans and dragons have long coexisted. It is your job to replace the sacred shard which has long been used to protect the kingdom of Alberia from monsters. You will not be alone in your adventures, however. You will be bonded with the Dragon Midgardsormr.

Build your team!

You will also be able to build a team of adventurers of your choosing from sixty different possible allies. There are four different unit types to choose from. Attack, defense, support, and healing are all important to having a balanced and effective team. In addition, your team members are imbued with various elemental properties which will have an impact on how you build your teams.


This is a fast-paced real-time RPG where you unleash various skills and powers. As can be expected there is a dodge mechanic and you will be able to switch from between all of your party members at will. This is not a turned based RPG so thinking on your feet will be essential.

As you take down monsters you will acquire gems which will allow you to shapeshift into the dragon with which you are bonded. As you progress through the game will unlock new dragons to bond with which will offer various powers.

As if that wasn't enough, they threw in the kitchen sink by added a sort of base mechanic. The Halidon is the camp where you can build various structures which can help you along the way.


Throughout the game, you can play with up to four other players in real time. In addition, there will be special events which will afford you and the opportunity to take on epic foes and collect special loot.

When can you start playing?

Access will begin on September 27. However, you can head over to the official site and pre-register right now. Sign up with your Nintendo account and you will be given some in-game gifts when the game launches.

Are you excited to play?

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Jaz Brown