From the Editor's desk: I both love and hate Apple events in 2020

Lory Gil sitting on the couch looking sad
Lory Gil sitting on the couch looking sad (Image credit: IMore)

This past Tuesday, the Apple September 15 event was officially announced. Dubbed the "Time Flies" event, it is either Apple's big fall event or one of two (or even three) events we'll see from Apple before the year is over. I'm always very excited around this time of the year, not only because I know it means fun new toys, but also because it means I'll see friends I haven't seen in real life for months (maybe longer). This year, however, it's just not the same.

No hugs from long-time friends. No early morning meet-ups at the local Cupertino coffee shops before walking through the Apple Park campus to the Steve Jobs Theater. No sitting at the Cupertino Apple Store Cafe, typing furiously right after Apple's event to get the big stories out. No post-event coffee refreshes with friends while trying to get rejuvinated to keep writing late into the night. No late night dinners with Rene Ritchie where we celebrate and talk about what a whirlwind of a day we had.

Instead, I will be sitting in the comfort of my home, stress levels significantly lower, but social connections also significantly lower. I can watch everything on the couch on my 4K TV and Apple TV and focus on the job, but I can't take selfies with Jim Dalrymple. I can read Apple's official press releases about whatever products are announced, but won't be able to spend hours in the hands-on room getting all the important details (not to mention pictures that we'd be able to use for the next few weeks before we get our personal products). It's arguably easier to cover an Apple event from home, but there are so many things I miss by not being able to spend the day in Cupertino.

At Apple's September 15 event, we believe an Apple Watch Series 6and iPad Air (2020) will be announced. We also have reason to believe Apple will unveil a 2020 iPad and a new low-cost Apple Watch, dubbed the Apple Watch SE, to replace the Apple Watch Series 3.

Will Apple announce the iPhone 12 lineup? Maybe. I personally don't think so, though. I think we can still look forward to an iPhone event in a few more weeks, maybe mid-October. Another event to remind me of how much I want 2020 to just go away.

- Lory Gil

Lory Gil

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