TouchPad and NumPad apps find new home at BitBQ

TouchPad and NumPad, two of Edovia's best known iOS apps, have been acquired by BitBQ. Luc Vandal explains his reason for selling on the Edovia blog:

We have been very busy with Screens in the past years, especially this year with a major rewrite of the app. In the process, we unfortunately neglected some of our other apps and felt that this was a disservice to our users so we started looking for a new home for TouchPad and NumPad.

And Patrick Burleson his reasons for buying on the BitBQ blog:

NumPad is the kind of app I've thought about writing myself as I love the size of the Apple wireless keyboard, but I really miss the key pad of the extended keyboard at times. Particularly when I'm working with spreadsheets and other financial applications. But I also see a lot of expansion for NumPad to go beyond just being a 10-key. It already supports custom keys for specific applications and I plan on exploring more key sets that power users of different applications would find useful.

TouchPad really helps with home theater setups that include a PC that needs to be remotely controlled. It's also useful for controlling a machine during a presentation. And on top of that includes Apple Remote support for controlling media playback on your Mac as well. Stopping just short of full on remote desktop client, this app provides all the control you need to stay on the couch and to keep the mouse and keyboard out of the living room. I have a couple of more ideas for things to control with this app.

Earlier this year Apple began allowing developers to transfer apps between accounts, making it much, much easier to properly conduct these kinds of transactions. In turn, it allows indie developers who love their existing apps but find all their time going into newer or more demanding projects, and developers who are looking to take on something new but not necessarily to start from scratch, to do a lot of good for each other, their apps, and their customers.

In the case of TouchPad and NumPad, this most likely means more updates, faster, and the benefit of both Vandal's original and Burleson's new roadmap ideas. That's about as close to a win/win as you can get.

Congrats to both, and if you haven't checked out TouchPad - which turns your iPhone or iPad into a virtual keyboard and multimedia controller for your computer - or NumPad - which turns your iPhone into an advanced numeric keypad - yet, do so now. I've been using both for years, and they're great.

Souce: Edovia blog, BitBQ blog

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