Eero TrueMesh Wi-Fi System: What's changed in the 2nd generation

If you've got some areas in your home where Wi-Fi seems to be running slow or your signal is completely nonexistent, you might want to consider a whole-home Wi-Fi system. Eero makes an excellent, versatile whole-home Wi-Fi system and — even better — the company recently announced an upgrade to its lineup. Whether you're thinking about replacing a first-generation Eero or this is your first dip into whole-home Wi-Fi, there's plenty to learn about the company's second-generation devices. Here's what you need to know!

2nd-generation eero

The second-generation Eero is stronger, better, and faster than its first-generation model. There are a few changes that will make all the difference in Wi-Fi performance:

  • Tri-band: The first-generation Eero had two bands, the second-generation has three. With an additional 5GHz radio, the second-gen model is twice as fast and twice as reliable. With three bands, even if you have a bunch of Wi-Fi devices connected to your network you can still count on the speed and consistency of your connection.
  • Power Adapter: The second-generation Eero is powered by a USB-C power adapter; the first-generation used a less-widely-compatible, barrel-style plug.
  • Reset button: The first-generation Eero required a paperclip or toothpick or SIM removal tool to gain access to the reset button; the second-generation Eero has a small button you can press. That said, Eero says you shouldn't have to hit that reset button too often.
  • Backward compatibility: You needn't worry, the second-generation Eero will work with the first-generation eero.

Eero Beacon

The Eero Beacon is a new, slimmer extension of the Eero TrueMesh Wi-Fi system. Eero says the Beacon is half the size of a standard Eero but it's more powerful than the first-gen, full-sized model. The Beacon doesn't have any power cords running out from it — its compact design features a built-in plug, so you can plug it directly into the wall.

Each Beacon has an LED nightlight and comes equipped with an ambient light sensor and automatic dimmer. The nightlight will adjust its brightness depending on ambient light and the time of day.

Both the Eero and Eero Beacon also include a Thread radio, an upcoming connected-home technology that'll make it easier, faster, and more reliable to communicate with smart home accessories.

Curious what Eero devices and packages are available for purchase? Here's a handy chart to help you out!

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 2nd Gen EeroSmall Home Wi-Fi SystemLarge Home Wi-Fi SystemPro Wi-Fi System
Included devicesone Eeroone eero, one Eero Beaconone eero, two Eero Beaconsthree eeros
Home typestudio apartmentsmall homesingle-family homelarge home

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Eero Plus

Eero also announced a new subscription service for your home Wi-Fi network that helps keep you safe from malicious content on the web. The company has partnered with Zscaler, a service that provides a realtime database of online malware, phishing, ransomware, and viruses. If you subscribe to Eero Plus, your home network will block access to unsafe websites and automatically inspect unknown and suspicious domains as you come across them. Priority customer support is included with your subscription, as well.

Eero Plus also gives you access to advanced parental controls for content filtering and safe searching. With content filters, you can keep your kids from accessing sites you deem inappropriate — be they violent, illegal, or for adults. With safe search functionality, you'll be able to keep your kids from discovering violent, illegal, or adult-oriented content via Google and Bing.


Have any questions about the second-generation Eero or the other updates and features the company has introduced? Give us a shout in the comments and we'll try to get your questions answered!

Mikah Sargent

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