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What you need to know

  • Fortnite is still missing from the App Store and that isn't changing any time soon.
  • Epic has emailed gamers to make sure they know why that is.
  • Epic says it's because Apple is a big meanie so Epic has taken its ball and gone home.

Yesterday saw the arrival of Epic's Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 4. Except, it didn't if you game on an iPhone, iPad, or Mac. We all know why that is at this point, but Epic wanted to make sure the point was driven home as hard as possible. So overnight it emailed everyone to tell them what's happening, what they'll be missing out on, and why.

TL;DR – you can't play the new season, you're missing out on a lot, and it's Apple's fault.

Epic opens its email with a message we've seen before. Apple is blocking Fortnite updates.

Apple is blocking Fortnite updates and new installs on the App Store, and has said they will terminate our ability to develop Fortnite for Apple devices. As a result, the Chapter 2 - Season 4 update (v14.00), did not release on iOS and macOS on August 27.

What that means for gamers is pretty simple. We can play last season's content just fine, but anything from Season 2 – Chapter 4 is off-limits. Presumably, there will still be people playing the old chapter on their Apple devices, but whether it's enough to fill lobbies properly, I don't know yet. I've been playing on PS4 instead – more on that in a minute.

Epic then goes on to outline what Apple gamers are going to miss out on. Gifting won't work, we can't buy cosmetics from the new season, and we're locked out of Battle Lab, Duos. and LTMs. Just to make sure this sucks as much as possible, presumably.

But panic not, because there are other ways to play Fortnite!

To play Chapter 2 - Season 4 now, download Fortnite on PC or on PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch.

Or, if you're really very desperate, there's Android. If you're switching from iOS to Android to play Fortnite, more power to you!

Epic then goes on to explain the whys and wherefores of all this. And yes, it's all Apple's fault. Epic ignores the fact it could get Fortnite back into the store, likely without even submitting an update, though.

Apple limits competition so they can collect 30% of consumer payments made in apps like Fortnite, raising the prices you pay. Epic lowered prices through a direct payment option, but Apple is blocking Fortnite in order to prevent Epic from passing on the savings from direct payments to players. Epic has taken legal action to end Apple's anti-competitive restrictions on mobile device marketplaces. Papers are available for our August 13, August 17, and August 23 filings. In retaliation for this action, Apple blocked your access to Fortnite updates and new installs on all iOS devices.

Just to finish things up, Epic also wants to hit Apple in the wallet as well. The email rounds out by providing information on how people can ask Apple for a refund. For what, I'm not sure.