ESR launches 'world's first' MagSafe compatible wireless car charging mount

Esr Halolock Magnetic Wireless Car Charger Mount
Esr Halolock Magnetic Wireless Car Charger Mount (Image credit: ESR)

Esr Halolock System

Esr Halolock System (Image credit: ESR)

What you need to know

  • ESR has launched the "world's first" MagSafe compatible wireless charging car mount.
  • The mount will work with the iPhone 12 and MagSafe compatible cases.
  • It is also launching a MagSafe compatible iPhone case.

ESR (opens in new tab), maker of a range of popular Apple accessories, has launched the "world's first" MagSafe compatible wireless charging car mount. The HaloLock Magnetic Wireless Car Charger Mount (opens in new tab) will be compatible with Apple's new iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, using either just the phone itself or with a MagSafe compatible case.

In addition to the car mount, ESR has also launched their own HaloLock™ iPhone case (opens in new tab) that is also MagSafe compatible.

HaloLock™ works seamlessly with MagSafe to make charging the iPhone 12 as easy as tapping it to the mount. Previous magnetic mounts required an additional magnetic plate on the back that interfered with wireless charging, whereas the ESR car mount, when paired with an official Apple MagSafe case or an ESR HaloLock™ case, combines the convenience of a magnetic mount and wireless charging into a single easy-to-use device.

Esr Soft Case For Iphone

Esr Soft Case For Iphone (Image credit: ESR)

ESR CEO Tim Wu says that the company saw an opportunity to bring wireless charging to even more users when Apple announced MagSafe at its "Hi, Speed" iPhone event.

"When we learned Apple was going to introduce MagSafe technology to the iPhone 12 lineup, we saw an opportunity to once again make life easier for our users. By turning this innovative technology into easy-to-use accessories, we're confident that HaloLock paired with MagSafe will be able to get even casual users to give wireless charging a try."

The company says that it plans to expand its HaloLock™ system to its entire lineup of iPhone cases over time.

You can preorder the HaloLock Magnetic Wireless Car Charger Mount for iPhone 12 (opens in new tab) for $39.99 directly through ESR's website. The company says that it will begin shipping the product in November.

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  • I would be interested to know how well this actually works. How well and strong does it hold the phone? Will it fall off with a decent bump? Also, 7.5W charging is far less than the 15W the phone is supposedly capable of with a magsafe charger...Not sure I would notice or car as on long road trips it'll be enough to keep it topped off as I use it for GPS and such, but shorter trips would benefit from a fast juice. I take issue with them marketing it as "FAST WIRELESS CHARGING"...15W on its own isn't even that fast compared to Samsung's 25W wireless charging
  • Not sure yet but hopefully we'll get our hands on one soon. As far as fast charging goes, I get that. But for most iPhone users, this is going to be fast charging for them as most are still coming from a 5W charger.