eufyCam 2 installed on a home outdoorsSource: Christopher Close / iMore

What you need to know

  • eufy has begun the roll-out of an update to its eufyCam 2 and 2C cameras that adds support for HomeKit Secure Video.
  • Update marks the first instance of a completely wireless camera supporting the feature.
  • HomeKit Secure Video stores encrypted recordings in iCloud, and analyzes video to determine what caused a motion event.

After a false start back in March where the company mistakenly sent out HomeKit Secure Video support to some owners of its eufyCam 2, eufy has officially begun rolling out the feature to everyone. The update, which comes in firmware version, will install automatically over the next two to three weeks for camera owners, and is available for free for both the eufyCam 2 and the eufyCam 2C.

eufyCam 2 HomeKit Secure VideoSource: Christopher Close / iMore

HomeKit Secure Video stores camera recordings in iCloud and offers a timeline view of footage through the Home app. Apple's feature can analyze motion events to determine if humans, animals, or vehicles, are moving past a cameras field of view, and can send notifications based on a users preference.

To utilize HomeKit Secure Video, camera owners must have an active subscription to an iCloud storage plan, although footage does not count toward the amount of data in use. Up to five cameras can utilize the feature, however, having more than one camera on the service requires the 2TB monthly storage plan.

In addition to eufy's latest rollout, the company has recently revealed that it is working on an update to its new Indoor Cam 2K and Indoor Cam 2K that will add HomeKit Secure Video.

Secure Video

eufycam 2 camera system with home base and 2 wireless cameras in white

eufyCam 2

Upgrade to HomeKit Secure Video

The eufyCam 2 is a completely wireless HomeKit camera sytem that is weather resistant and can last up to a full year on a single charge. HomeKit Secure Video support makes one of the best cameras around even better.

Lights on

eufycam 2C Camera System

eufyCam 2C

Flooded with light

The eufyCam 2C is another all wireless camera that works both indoors and out. While it has a shorter battery life than the eufyCam 2, it still can go up to 6 months between charges, and it includes a powerful floodlight to help secure your home.

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