Eve makes some of the best Apple HomeKit products on the planet. Right now, many of them are available at excellent discounts at Amazon, including the ones below. You'll find the deals, up to 25%, on light switches, cams, energy switches, and more.

Eve Aqua

Eve Aqua Smart Water Controller | 20% off with coupon

Control your sprinkler or irrigation system via the Eve app, Siri, or onboard button. You can also set up schedules that automatically water your garden independently of your iPhone and home network – even when you're on vacation.

$79.96 at Amazon
Eve Cam

Eve Cam | 20% off with coupon

Protect your home from intruders and keep an eye on your kids, pets, and property. Monitor activity at your home and get notifications on your iPhone when motion is detected.

$119.96 at Amazon
Eve Energy Strip

Eve Energy Strip | 15% off with coupon

Use this energy strip to control three power outlets independently using Siri, an app, or onboard buttons. You can also easily set up schedules to sync connected lights, fans, and other devices with your daily rhythm. Or simulate, in combination with a home hub, presence while out or on vacation.

$84.96 at Amazon
Eve Room

Eve Home | 25% off with coupon

Detect harmful VOC levels attributed to everyday furniture, electronics, toys, and thousands more. You can also observe how activities like cooking and cleaning pollute your home.

$74.59 at Amazon

If looking to make your home a smart home, consider starting with Eve products. One of the easiest smart home product providers, Eve offers an ever-growing lineup of great products, including cameras, energy strips, switches, and many more. In addition, these products now support Thread, which means they'll be supported for a long time. The German-based company was established in 1999.

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