Eve Water Guard 2nd Generation in a laundry room settingSource: Eve Systems

What you need to know

  • Eve Systems has announced the release of the second-generation Eve Water Guard.
  • Updated Eve Water Guard adds support for Thread networking technology.
  • Thread enables hub-free connectivity, greater range, and increased reliability over Bluetooth.

Smart home accessory vendor Eve Systems has announced the release of the second-generation Eve Water Guard. While the overall design remains the same as before, the updated Water Guard gains Thread networking capabilities, making it the first HomeKit water leak detector on the market to support the latest connectivity standard.

"This is the year of Thread and Matter, and Eve is kicking 2022 off by expanding what already is the largest Thread portfolio in the market", says Jerome Gackel, CEO of Eve. "Seamlessly working without a bridge or cloud, Eve products with Thread deliver the smart home experience of the future today."

Compared to Bluetooth found in the original Eve Water Guard, Thread networking promises increased range, faster response times, and greater overall reliability when connected to a Thread Border Router — such as Apple's HomePod mini. Like Bluetooth, getting up and running with Thread through HomeKit only requires a scan of the included pairing code with no additional accounts to create or passwords to enter.

Eve Water Guard 2nd Generation App NotificationSource: Eve Systems

In addition to Thread, the Eve Water Guard is also the only HomeKit-enabled water leak sensor that plugs into an electrical outlet. Instead of sitting directly on the surface of potential hotspots like battery-operated leak sensors, the Eve Water Guard utilizes a 6.5-foot water sensing cable allowing the unit to sit out of harm's reach. Additional extension cables are also available for maximum coverage, offering up to 490-feet of total length.

If a water leak is detected, the Eve Water Guard will alert those in the area with an onboard 100dB siren and warning light. Remote out-of-home notifications will also be sent immediately to all of your Apple devices through the Home app if you have a HomeKit hub set up for your home.

The second-generation Eve Water Guard with Thread is available now through evehome.com for $99.95. Additional Eve Water Guard Sensing Cables are also available, starting at $19.95 for a 6.5-foot extension.