Every company in the Fortune 500 uses Apple products... it's not hard to see why

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What you need to know

  • A report suggests that every single Fortune 500 company is using Apple products.
  • The news was delivered at JNUC 2019 by Jeremy Butcher from Apple Product Marketing.
  • He says Apple's goals for enterprise customers are Security, Management and Deployment, Identity and Productivity.

Speaking at JNUC 2019, Jeremy Butcher from Apple Product Marketing has revealed that 100% of Fortune 500 companies use Apple products in some form.

According to AppleInsider, Butcher was speaking about Apple's enterprise focus to the audience at the Jamf Nation User Conference.

The news is a stunning testament to the way that Apple has infiltrated the global business market, where previously Windows had dominated. Now, one of those companies is, of course, Apple, so technically that one might not count. But still, 499 isn't bad either. The report also notes that according to Apple there are now hundreds of organizations that use more than 10,000 Apple devices.

Butcher also touched on the success of Apple's Business Manager Program and Apple School Manager. More than 150,000 customers now use these services across 69 countries. 59% of higher education students reportedly choose a Mac, as do three out of four employees given the choice.

Apple is reportedly focused on four main goals when considering large organizations and its business customers; security, management and deployment, identity and productivity. As the report notes Butcher said:

"Our intent is to make products that are secure by default... This means making it secure out of the gate, and not something that can be disabled. For identity, Apple wants to sit at the crossroads of security for the users' personal information, while still making it easy to manage and deploy those devices. With productivity, Apple's simple goal is to make its devices "more powerful with Apple's legendary ease of use."

Not only is Apple succeeding at the volume play when it comes to businesses and organizations, there are real-world benefits too. IBM recently revealed a study into its employees which found that those using Macs were 22% more likely to exceed expectations when it came to performance reviews. IBM has deployed over 200,000 Macs since the birth of Mac@IBM in 2015. Not only were the employees better-performing individuals, they garnered more sales proceeds and were less likely to leave the company compared to those using Windows.

Whilst Apple is arguably a late bloomer in the business scene when compared to Microsoft and Windows, there are several key features that make all of its products successful when it comes to application in the corporate world. Not only do all business users reap the benefits of Apple's intuitive interfaces and its powerful hardware, they also get brilliant accessibility features and security like Face ID and Touch ID. Apple devices are very easy to set up, deploy and manage centrally, and their longevity means they tend to prove a more sustainable investment in the long run. Combine that with a plethora of great apps, free software updates, and an unrivaled ecosystem, and it's not difficult to see how this recipe has helped Apple cook up a storm in the business world.

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