Everything Apple killed after the iPhone 11 event

When Apple takes the wraps off the hottest new products in the business it usually has to make room for them somehow. It's been accused of collecting product lines in the past, and a confused lineup is, well, confusing. So when the iPhone 11 was announced we saw some things go away.

That's just the natural order of things. We'll miss the U2 iPod, but we'll never forget it.

Here's everything that Apple killed off during, and after its 2019 iPhone event. Tissues at the ready?

Note: This article will be updated as we learn about new products that are no longer available.

  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • Apple Watch Series 4
  • iPad (6th Gen.)

There's more to come, too.

Apple isn't done. With new iPad Pro models expected in the coming weeks as well as updates to the Mac lines, it could very well be a bloodbath. Don't fret though. Every time Apple takes away it gives us something new and shiny in return. It's called progress and who knows what it's going to bring us next? Maybe those hoverboards Back To The Future promised us all those years ago!

What would you like to see resurrected?

All that being said, we all have our favorites. The U2 iPod was a classic and the 17-inch MacBook Pro is still missed by many. We'd love to hear what your favorite, long gone Apple product is. And if anyone says iPod socks they'll be instantly banned. The same goes for iPod Hi-Fi. And the hockey puck mouse!

You can't say you haven't been warned.

Oliver Haslam

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  • Didn't they announce the iPad 7th Gen, not kill it?
  • Yep, they killed 6th.
  • That's what I thought too! Glad you clarified!
  • It looks like the typo was fixed!
  • Bring back the AirPort Express, AirPort Extreme and Time Capsules. I am running multiple AirPort Extreme routers in my large house connected together by gigabit ethernet and I have solid WiFi and no dead zones and such easy setup. I also have 3 of the late Airport Express units that I bought used simply to run AirPlay 2 speakers (I have the express units just connected via ethernet with their radios turned off) -- essentially an AirPlay 2 headphone jack. If they bring back the AirPort Extreme, they should put a darn headphone jack on it and an optical audio out. By contrast, my friend who has a much larger house than me had me set him up with a Velop Tri-band mesh system from Linksys. He had to buy 2 three-packs to cover his house and the range on these things being useful was kinda pathetic. I wired a couple together with ethernet where I could, but when using wireless network extension I had to be keep the units much closer together than I thought I would. These don't put out enough power to their radios in my opinion. Setup was not terrible but a whole lot of "wait.... could not find.... press button and retry...." black box stuff -- their routers did not pop up in their app as fast and reliably as the AirPort Extreme and AirPort Express did in the AirPort Utility app.
  • Yes, except I'm not missing all my favorite old hardware, I'm still using it! Typing this on my 2007 17-inch MBP using a 2GB Time Capsule as my router. Now get off my lawn!
  • iPhone SE I’d like to see back, in an updated form, but keeping the same size. It’s a perfect starter phone for “tweens” or a nice phone for those you don’t need the more advanced systems. And price it at $299 or less, a few color options but only a 64gb capacity to keep the SKUs down.
  • I held out for the iPhone SE for as long as possible to replace my wife's original SE. I finally gave up and got her an iPhone 8 earlier this year and was dreading the possibility that they would announce one yesterday. The last thing I said to her at the beginning of the year was that it didn't look like they were going to make another one. If they'd announced it yesterday, I'd be in big trouble.
  • Agreed! perfect for smaller hands and pockets! Many woman like it too as it fits into a small purse.
  • I'm hoping the new MacBook Pro is 16.5" as gets us close! My 17" died in the spring and I really need something with a larger screen than the 15" models. I would love to get a full 17" model but if I have to I'll live with the 16,.5". If Apple is only doing flat 16" that's not enough of a screen improvement.