It all comes down to a verb. Does one turn a light on and off or does one Switch a light on and off? On February 27, 2018 Blizzard took to its Twitter account to post a quick video. This video featured a Diablo night light being switched on and off. Or turned on and off depending on your verbiage proclivities. Much of the internet took this to mean that we would be seeing a port of Diablo III coming to Nintendo Switch.

But is it true?

Unfortunately, we don't know a whole heck of a lot at this point. First Blizzard creates the Twitter post, followed by fans getting incredibly excited. The next bit of hard news comes when a Blizzard spokesperson tells Polygon that Blizzard is "not that clever" and that they "have nothing to announce".

One would assume that the story would end right then and there. However, Eurogamer claims it has sources which indicate that a port of Diablo III is in progress and it is, in fact, coming to the Switch.

How likely is it?

Let's take a look at another big developer's relationship with the Switch as it stands. Thus far, Bethesda has brought three ports to the console. First, we saw Skyrim, followed by Doom. Then, we recently found that Wolfenstein 2 would be making its way onto the Switch later this year. It seems as if Bethesda is a fan of the console and the army of gamers who stand behind it. It is entirely possible that Blizzard is looking over Bethesda's shoulder and liking what it sees. I find it unlikely that Blizzard would create an entirely new game from the ground up for Switch. A port, however, seems to make sense. Considering that Diablo is a few years old now, it's just the sort of game that would run like a dream on the Switch.

At this point, we are going to have to sit on our hands and play the waiting game until we hear something concrete from the Blizzard offices. It seems like a smart and relatively easy move to bring Diablo III to the Switch. It could be a similar experience to Doom, and the possibilities for local or online multiplayer are certainly enticing. I know that I will keep my fingers crossed in hopes of seeing Diablo III hit my Switch screen sometime in the not too distant future.

Do you want to see Diablo III on your Switch?

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