There was once a time when handheld gaming consoles were severely limited when compared to their living room brethren. The idea that a top-tier action game could be ported over to a portable seemed like a laughable dream. Then in 2017, the Nintendo Switch came along and things started to change.

Bethesda has been a powerful driving force in the revolution. First, it stunned gamers by bringing Skyrim to the Switch with a totally respectable port of the gaming epic. It wasn't long after that we saw Doom shamble onto our beloved Nintendo handheld. It now seems as if nearly anything is possible.

The next offering will be Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. Released in 2017, Wolfenstein II garnered seemingly endless praise from critics and players alike. If you've never had a chance to play it, you are in for a rip-roaring treat.

All that being said, what exactly do we know about the forthcoming port to Nintendo Switch? Let's take a look.

Who do we have to thank?

As previously stated, Bethesda seems to be responsible for the major push to bring games like Wolfenstein II to the Nintendo Switch. However, they are not alone in this herculean task. It was recently revealed that developer Panic Button would be involved in the Wolfenstein port. Panic Button is the company that helped bring Doom and Rocket League to the Switch. They know a thing or two about fitting massive experiences onto the Switch so I think we can expect a decent port.

How close will it be to the console experience?

If Doom is any indication, then I think we can look forward to an impressive yet imperfect experience. When bringing games of this size to the Switch, there are, invariably, going to have to be some sacrifices made at the altar of processing power. The fact of the matter is that the Switch just doesn't have the muscle that full-sized consoles do. In the case of Doom, this translated to a slight drop in frame rate. In all likelihood, it won't be perfect but it will definitely be fun.

Recently, at PAX East, Bethesda treated fans to about 25 minutes of Wolfenstein 2 running on the Nintendo Switch. It's pretty hard to deny that it looks fantastic and will be a relatively faithful port on an arguably lighter piece of hardware.

When can we have it?

As it stands, we do not have a hard release date. All communications indicate a 2018 release, but we can't be exactly sure when. Bethesda has tweeted that they will have more information about Wolfenstein II "soon". We can only hope that the information of which they speak is a release date. However, if you don't need to wait for an exact date and you're ready to push all your chips in now, you can pre-order over on Amazon for $60

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While we still don't have a specific release date, Bethesda's senior VP of marketing Pete Hines dropped some encouraging words to DualShockers while speaking at PAX East. It seems as if Bethesda is big fans of the Switch and would like to see the gap close between releases on the Switch and other platforms. In reference to this very idea Hines stated, "From my perspective, any time we can bring it out on the Switch at the exact same time as the other platforms for new releases, I don't know why we wouldn't."

We live in a brave new world where it seems that almost anything is possible on a Nintendo Switch. From awesome indies to the porting of titles that we couldn't imagine five years ago, the Nintendo Switch is the little console that can.

Will you be playing Wolfenstein II on your Switch?

Are you going to dive right in and preorder or will you be waiting to see some reviews? Let us know.

Updated April 2018: Added news from Pax East 2018.

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