Everything you need to know about amiibo in Super Mario Odyssey

Mario Amiibo Hero
Mario Amiibo Hero (Image credit: iMore)

Like every major Nintendo game, there are some hidden secrets and treats waiting for those who own amiibo figures. For Super Mario Odyssey, your amiibo offer you everything from extra coins when you need them most to life-saving star powers to get you through that next boss battle. In many cases, you'll even find new outfits for Mario to slip into when you want a change of clothes.

Here's what we know so far, and how you can have the most fun with your amiibo in Super Mario Odyssey.

Locate Uncle Amiibo

Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey (Image credit: Nintendo)

At the end of your adventures in the Sand Kingdom, the second "world" you visit in Super Mario Odyssey, you'll see an explorer Toadstool character standing next to something that looks like a Roomba with the amiibo logo on it. That little robot is Uncle Amiibo, and if the name wasn't on the nose enough for you, its job is to show you how amiibo work in the game and offer you some free gear for interacting with it.

After you locate Uncle Amiibo the first time, Super Mario Odyssey allows you to input an amiibo figure at any time by holding down the right arrow on the D-Pad. While holding this key down, the NFC tag on the controller is ready to read an amiibo, so you can tap the figure and everything will start working. You'll see an amiibo logo on the screen, and whatever your prize is for tapping that amiibo will take effect immediately.

That having been said, it's still a good idea to check in with Uncle Amiibo whenever you can find it. You can submit up to three amiibo at a time to this robot, and those characters are "set out to find Moon clues" when you do. After a five minute wait, Uncle Amiibo will have added marks on your map for where you will be able to find Moons you have not already discovered.

Costume amiibo

The other thing Uncle Amiibo is good for is giving you costumes when you use specific amiibo. Much like the costumes you can buy in each of the worlds, these amiibo costumes are purely aesthetic. You are using these because they look cool or silly, and nothing else.

Finding the right amiibo for a costume swap is really all about sticking with the Mario theme. Any amiibo will give you coins or a heart, but outfits mostly come from the core Mario characters. If you buy any of the new "Wedding Set" amiibo made for Super Mario Odyssey, you get those costumes to wear. Classic Mario costume can be found in any other Mario amiibo, and if you want to have a little extra fun you can put on Wario's overalls by tapping everyone's favorite villain to the pad.

Not every Mario-based amiibo has a costume, for example the Bowser Jr. amiibo will be treated like any other. Be sure to try all of your favorites though, and see what you come up with.

Mario is the most useful amiibo

Amiibo on Nintendo Switch

Amiibo on Nintendo Switch

No matter which version of the Mario amiibo you have, keep it nearby while playing Super Mario Odyssey. Tapping these figures to the controller gives in-game Mario the same basic invulnerability as a Star, complete with song and sparkle.

There's no limit to how many times you can use this ability with your amiibo, making it the perfect hidden gem to give you that little bit of an advantage in the game. Best of all, most Mario amiibo can be found for pretty cheap if you don't already have one.

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