Ezquest 20w Gan ChargerSource: EZQuest

What you need to know

  • EZQuest has a new range of USB-C chargers for sale.
  • Each new charger features GaN technology to make the most of as little space as possible.
  • Chargers range from 20W to 120W.

Accessory maker EZQuest has a new range of GaN chargers that offers USB-C charging from 20W to 120W and everything between.

The new chargers are all available now with prices starting at $19.99 for the 20W version and increasing to $99.99 for the beefy 120W option. The 30W version, fine for charging a MacBook Air, costs $29.99. The $59.99 65W and $79.99 90W versions round out the collection. The higher capacity versions also come with USB-C to USB-C cables in the box so you'll have everything you need to get started.

Each charger uses GaN technology to allow for speedy power transfer without the huge charging bricks that we are all so used to seeing, especially from Apple.

The UltimatePower 120W uses the latest Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology so our charger can be smaller and more efficient. The GaN technology Chip allows for hundreds or even thousands of transistors in a very small space. This lets us design a charger that is more efficient, smaller and more powerful.

With a charger available to meet all needs, ranging from fast-charging an iPhone 13 to powering a MacBook Pro, these chargers should come in flavors to suit everyone.

Apple does offer its own chargers, of course, but some of them are large and clunky affairs and it never hurts to have options! If you need a spare charger to throw into a bag, the new EZQuest options are well worth checking out.