Dating simulators aren't everyone's cup tea, but there are a ton of people who play them. With Valentine's Day finally upon us, what better day is there to highlight a few dating simulators you can find on the App Store and enjoy on your iPhone or iPad.

The Cinderella Contract

If you have ever wanted to meet your Prince Charming — and I mean literally — The Cinderella Contract could be the dating sim for you! You'll play as one of three Princesses who each have two Princes you'll need to marry.

As you progress in the game, you'll need to keep your husband's affection level up by completing various tasks. Plus, you can customize your looks with a plethora of gowns, dresses, and accessories, meaning your princess will always look their best.

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Dating Simulator (17+)

Probably one of the more realistic dating simulators on the App Store — as far as dating simulators go — is the aptly named Dating Simulator, which tasks you with creating the perfect date for a beautiful lady.

Given your choices, the woman you are courting will react differently and she can choose to end the date at any time.

There are multiple endings to the game which gives you the option to play it multiple times, and it has surprisingly good graphics for a game in this genre.

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My Horse Prince

In My Horse Prince, you are trying to fall in love with a horse that has a human face. I kid you not.

My Horse Prince is not meant to be taken seriously, in fact, it's mainly meant to be absurd for the sake of being absurd and people love it. As of writing this article, it has 1798 ratings on the App Store and it averages five stars!

The gameplay is pretty simple, it's a point-and-tap adventure game that will ask you questions and expects you to take care of your horse by feeding him carrots and making sure he receives the proper exercise.

If you fancy an adventure in absurdism, My Horse Prince is about as absurd as you can get.

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Any other suggestions?

There are truly a ton of weird, wacky, and completely normal dating sims out there, which ones have you liked? Let us know in the comments below!

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