Fantastical 3.2 is here with iOS 14 widgets, Scribble support for iPad

Fantastical Widgets Ios
Fantastical Widgets Ios (Image credit: Flexibits)

What you need to know

  • Flexibits has just updated Fantastical.
  • Fantastical 3.2 brings support for widgets on iOS 14.
  • It also has Scribble support for iPadOS 14.

At the time of publication, Fantastical 3.2 is yet to go live on the App Store, but will be released today, September 23.

Flexibits has today rolled out a brand new update to Fantastical, bringing iOS 14 widgets and support for Scribble on iPad.

In a press release today the company stated:

Fantastical's 12 widgets allow users to mix and match their favorite widgets to customize their iOS homescreen the way they like. There are small widgets to simply show the date or the next upcoming event or task, medium widgets to show a bit more information or side-by-side monthly calendars, and large widgets that provide an in-depth agenda.

As mentioned, Fantastical is also getting Scribble support for iPad, allowing users to write information about events, tasks, and notes with Apple Pencil right into the app. Fantastical can even instantly convert written text into an event or task:

The advanced natural language engine is extremely expressive, so users can enter event or task details in their own style. For example, users can enter sentences such as "Lunch with John at 123 Main Street on Tuesday" and Fantastical instantly converts the sentence into an event and adds it to their calendar. And with support for tasks, users can enter sentences such as "todo Pick up dry cleaning on Friday" and a dated task is added, ready to complete when the time is right.

Fantastical has 12 new widgets for showing the weather, date, events, and tasks. All 12 will be free to all users, but some premium features like conference call joining and detection require Fantastical Premium.

CEO Michael Simmons said the launch was "very exciting" and that the 12 unique widgets would let users "customize the exact views of Fantastical they want on their home screen."

You can check out the new features in this teaser video below!

The new updated Fantastical is available now from Apple's iOS App Store.

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