2020 Ipad Pro Early DeliverySource: u/Zindexed

What you need to know

  • At least one 2020 iPad Pro has arrived early.
  • The tablet doesn't go on sale until tomorrow.
  • This always seems to happen to a lucky few.

Some of those who were quick at getting their iPad Pro orders in last week have already had their tablets arrive, with one person taking to Reddit to share a photo of their new possession.

According to Redditor u/Zindexed, they ordered on launch day and weren't expecting their iPad Pro to arrive until March 26. Apple's online store declared that March 25 was the launch date, and even that's been surpassed by a day.

I ordered it on launch day and was given an estimated arrival on the 26th, but then got an email from FedEx saying that it's being delivered today! I was honestly shocked as if I'm not mistaken it isn't supposed to come out until Wednesday.

It isn't unusual for some people to receive Apple orders earlier than planned. Every year someone somewhere manages to get the hottest new iPhone a day early, despite Apple instructing delivery companies to hold all packages until the launch date.

Whatever the logistics behind it, I doubt this person really cares. They just get to be one of the few people around the globe to be able to use a 2020 iPad Pro ahead of time.

Why does this never seem to happen to me?!

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