Fate/EXTELLA LINK for Nintendo Switch: Everything you need to know!

If you love a good action-packed musou game (think Dynasty Warriors), then you may be interested in the upcoming Fate/EXTELLA LINK game coming to Nintendo Switch. It's the latest game in the FATE series, and there are some cool pre-order bonuses that you can obtain.

Fate/EXTELLA LINK is a direct sequel to Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star, and it is the latest installment in the Fate series of games. It's an action game that falls under the musou category, where you must fight against hordes of enemies in a vast battlefield.

With Fate/EXTELLA LINK, you'll have access to the original 16 servants from Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star, along with characters from other Fate games. These extra characters will be entering the battlefield as playable servants, adding to your arsenal of powerful units to conquer your foes.

What's the gameplay like?

Fate/EXTELLA LINK combat screen

Fate/LINK EXTELLA has some elements of a classic JRPG mixed in, where you explore towns, talk to NPCs, gain experience and level up your characters. As the servants get stronger, they learn new abilities and will be able to dish out more damage to foes. There are even unique combo attacks that can be used when you link certain characters together.

Since it's a musou type of action game, your servants will find themselves on a battlefield that is full of dozens of enemies. You'll need to use both regular and special attacks with your servants and their weapons to take out all of the enemies, and use powerful combo attacks and special moves wisely. Think of it as a fast-paced hack-n-slash, essentially, but with a variety of flashy special moves at your disposal. The faster you can take them all out, the better. There will also be objectives that need to be completed in each battle.

While you're at base camp, you can move around freely and even interact with your servants to build bonds with them, making them even stronger.

Is there support for multiplayer?

Fate/EXTELLA LINK evil looking girl carrying staff

Yes, there is! Right now, Fate/EXTELLA LINK has support for online multiplayer, where players can engage in 4-on-4 battles with up to seven other players. There are a few different battle formats when it comes to these multiplayer team battles, such as "King of the Hill," so it definitely adds some variety to the game if you don't feel like going through the story all the time.

Any special editions or pre-order bonuses I should know about?

Fate/EXTELLA LINK nintendo switch bonus content LIL

If you pre-order Fate/EXTELLA LINK for Nintendo Switch on the eShop, you'll get the exclusive Alteria outfit for Artoria Pendragon.

There is also bonus content included with all copies on Nintendo Switch, and this content features the Lils, which are chibi-fied versions of some popular Fate characters.

Fate/EXTELLA LINK Fleeting Glory Limited Edition

The Fleeting Glory Limited Edition release includes a soundtrack CD, a pack of 10 collectible 3-by-5 inch cards depicting the new Servants, a 17-by-24 inch cloth poster, and a 3-by-4.5 inch acrylic diorama housed in a custom box. This Limited Edition version is available for both the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

When is it coming out and how much will it cost?

Fate/EXTELLA LINK charlemagne light swords

Fate/EXTELLA LINK will be available on March 19. The Standard Edition of the game costs $50, while the Fleeting Glory Limited Edition is $80.

Are you picking up a copy of Fate/EXTELLA LINK for your Nintendo Switch? Let us know in the comments!

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