FIFA 11 updated, now includes multiplayer!

FIFA 11 has received a major update and now offers multiplayer gaming over Bluetooth and WiFi. FIFA 11 is a highly successful football (soccer) console game, spanning many years and the release for iOS devices was a fantastic port but always lacked multiplayer.

This latest update, as well as offering a few bug fixes, addresses this missing feature and you can now challenge your friends to games or play with them in a co-op format. The games can only be played when you are in the same vicinity as your friends, as the multi-player is Bluetooth based or on the same local WiFi connection. No facility for over the internet games at this stage, which is a little disappointing!

The game is available right now from the App Store and is available for iPhone and iPod Touch. A separate HD version is available for the iPad; this has not received the multi-player update yet.



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