Find your way around Arkham City with Batman Arkham City Official Map App

Batman Arkham City Official Map App is a companion app for the popular Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 game Batman: Arkham City. It features completed maps with the locations of ever Riddler Trophy and solutions to ever Riddle.

This officially licensed map app for Batman: Arkham City serves as the perfect digital companion to the game. This app features scrollable, zoomable maps for every area in the game, complete with locations of all the Riddler Trophies and solutions to all the Riddler's Riddles -- more than 350 collectibles in all!

  • Find every Riddler Trophy for Batman & Catwoman
  • Solve every Riddle
  • Track your progress as you bag more than 350 collectibles
  • Interactive maps for every area in the game

Batman Arkham City Official Map App is available on the iPhone and iPad for $2.99.

[App Store link]

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