Firefox RedesignSource: Firefox

What you need to know

  • A new version of Firefox is now available.
  • Version 91 brings a new Enhanced Cookie Cleaning feature.
  • It will let users fully erase their browser history for any website, and the cookies on their computer.

A new version of the popular browser Firefox will let users fully erase their browser history for any website, whilst deleting all of the cookies on their computer.

The company announced version 91 of its browser stating:

We are pleased to announce a new, major privacy enhancement to Firefox's cookie handling that lets you fully erase your browser history for any website. Today's new version of Firefox Strict Mode lets you easily delete all cookies and supercookies that were stored on your computer by a website or by any trackers embedded in it.

The new feature means you can tell Firefox to forget about a website, which automatically gets rid of all cookies, supercookies, and data stored for that website, it means you can delete all traces of a website, even "sneaky third party cookies".

Firefox explains:

Total Cookie Protection, built into Firefox, makes sure that can't use cookies to track you across websites. It does this by partitioning data storage into one cookie jar per website, rather than using one big jar for all of's storage. With Enhanced Cookie Clearing, if you clear site data for, the entire cookie jar is emptied, including any data set while embedded in Now, if you click on Settings > Privacy and Security > Cookies and Site Data > Manage Data, Firefox no longer shows individual domains that store data. Instead, Firefox lists a cookie jar for each website you have visited. That means you can easily recognize and remove all data a website has stored on your computer, without having to worry about leftover data from third parties embedded in that website. Here is how it looks:

To enable ECC you have to have Strict Tracking Protection enabled. You can read Mozilla's full announcement here.