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What you need to know

  • Apple seeded Apple Watch Series 6 to YouTubers following its announcement.
  • Some hands-on videos are already appearing online.
  • First impressions are positive, including the new bands.

Apple announced Apple Watch Series 6 just two short days ago and with nobody able to attend, hands-on impressions were lacking. The company seems to have fixed that by sending watches out to YouTubers who, in turn, made videos. And they're starting to arrive already.

While Apple Watch Series 6 might not be a night and day improvement over Apple Watch Series 6, it's already proving popular with stock levels struggling to keep up with demand. Based on what we're seeing from these hands-on videos, buyers are going to generally be pretty happy with their new watches.

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Alongside Apple Watch Series 6, Apple also gave YouTuber's access to the new Apple Watch SE, too. The mid-range wearable looks like Apple Watch Series 5 as expected, but sits right between Apple Watch Series 3 and Apple Watch Series 6 in the lineup. It's understandably getting less attention in certain circles, but I'd wager this could be the biggest Apple Watch release in a long time.

Has your favorite YouTuber posted a video with Apple Watch Series 6 or Apple Watch SE? Throw a link in the comments and I'll get it added!

About time

Apple Watch Series 6 Blue Braided Solo Loop

Apple Watch Series 6

It's got a hot new chip.

Apple Watch Series 6 features a Blood Oxygen sensor, new colors and watchOS 7

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