Toronto StoreSource: iPhone in Canada

What you need to know

  • Apple is building a new store in Toronto, Ontario.
  • The store's trademark glass panels are now being installed.

The new Apple store in Toronto, Ontario, is starting to take shape as builders begin the installation of Apple's trademark glass panels on the front of the store.

As reported by iPhone in Canada:

Back in May, we saw a construction update on Apple's new flagship store in Toronto, Ontario, set to occupy the first three floors of the super-tall condo tower, The One at Yonge and Bloor... Despite the condo tower being far from completion, on Monday, the main floor of the building already started to install huge sheets of glass, as typically seen in an Apple Store. The image above was shared by iPhone in Canada reader, Joe.

Toronto Store Iphone In CanadaSource: iPhone in Canada

As you can see from the scale of the photo the panels are absolutely huge, the report estimating them to be around 30 feet high. Apple hasn't officially confirmed the location of this store but all the signs are there, the new location will sit on the first three floors of 'The One' tower in downtown Toronto. The store is some way off completion, and likely won't be opening in time for the rumored release of Apple's iPhone 13, which is shaping up to be the best iPhone from the company in some time.

Apple recently opened a stunning new LA Tower Theater store back in June, after undergoing a painstaking restoration process on the building, first built in 1927. From Apple:

Apple Tower Theatre opened this morning, returning the historic 1927 theater to the downtown Los Angeles community. One of Apple's most significant restoration projects to date, Apple Tower Theatre debuts as a fully renovated place for gathering, learning, and exploring Apple's latest product lineup. Apple also launched Today at Apple Creative Studios, a global initiative that provides hands-on experiences and mentorship to young creatives, kicking off with the opening of the new store in Los Angeles.