Flick Home Run: Tips, tricks, and cheats to help you knock 'em out the park!

Flick Home Run is a game of accuracy and just a little bit of luck. With a single flick, launch baseballs into the blue and watch your score improve as you learn to master the pitches coming out of right field. Check out our helpful hints to take you from the minors to the majors!

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Pay attention to ball behavior

Not every ball that is pitched will be a regular baseball. Most of them have colorful little faces that indicate how they will behave once they've crossed the center line.

Knowing if a ball is going to be heavy and hard to hit or loopy and out of control will help you flick it as far as you can with some level of accuracy. From time to time, you'll have gold multipliers thrown your way. Hit these as far as you can! The distance travelled will be multiplied by the number on the ball and this can mean hundreds of points for one flick.

Know what's coming at you

Touch the sunglasses button to see what kind of ball is coming at you. At each step of the game, you only have three ball previews, so use them wisely. This will come in handy as you move up through more challenging steps because you won't always be faced with regular baseballs.

Those few seconds it takes to check what's coming next are worth it and you can earn the ability to have more ball previews later in the game.

Aim for 100 feet to stay alive

To keep your life bar at the top of the screen from depleting, hit the ball 100 feet or more. This can be tricky with the balls that behave badly, but the fewer the feet travelled, the faster your game winds down.

To keep alive and keep earning points, 100 feet is the minimum distance to shoot for. Flick with some force and pay close attention to the direction your finger is moving in. If you release you finger too quickly, the ball will drop too soon and your game will be over.

Aim high to earn balloon points

Way out in the outfield, up in the sky are balloons. They hover at angles that are tough to hit unless you master the hard hits. The key to taking them out is to aim for the highest balloon. As your ball descends, it will take out three or four more balloons. If your ball doesn't arc, it will only take out one of the lower balloons.

Each balloon is worth 50 points and those points are added to your overall score, so make sure you aim high and take them down a few at a time. The points keep your life bar going.

Upgrade wisely

If you want upgrades, you have to earn the maximum number of points per step. You can pick from three possible upgrades:

  • Contact – Your ability to make contact when you're up to bat
  • Power – How far you're able to hit
  • Batting Eye – The number of ball previews you are allowed

It's best to choose the one that will help you with your weakest skill. If you're already supremely accurate and hit beyond 100 feet every time (lucky you) then go for the Batting Eye upgrade. Knowing what's coming at you is the best way to rack up points.

Master the Minors to win big in the Majors

The two game modes you will play in are the Minors and the Majors. In order to get into the Majors, you have to master the steps of the Minors. You replay steps until you earn enough points to either move up one step or collect on some upgrades.

Odds are, if you're not earning the upgrades, you're not moving on. The more home run trophies you earn in each step, the sooner you're going to be promoted.

The game that keeps you motivated

Flick Home Run allows you to retry your rounds of play until you have mastered your hand-eye coordination. If you want to progress through the game, you have to get better with each play.

The duration of each step will increase as you learn to hit more home runs, take out more balloons, and stock up your life bar. Just don't forget to take that seventh inning stretch!

Christine Lachance