Tweetie 2.1 new style retweets

We'll save you the preamble this time; suffice it to say iPhone+Twitter = peanutbutter cuppy goodness. And now Twitter is rolling out new features to either make it dark chocolatey super good, or just to give us a sugar headache, we're not sure which (though we're fairly sure we've strained the confectionary metaphor well beyond the point of painful, so moving on...)

Twitter Lists aims to help with discovery -- to let more users find more interesting people to read and follow. Basically, if you follow hundreds, thousands, or more, it was nigh-impossible to keep up with a few specific ones, or to organize them in any way (sort of like iPhone apps on the home screen, don't get us started!). With lists, you can create groups/categories and add the people you're following to those lists. Family, friends, co-workers, fellow gadget enthusiasts or movie geeks, pretty much any system you can think of. Then, to see what that list is up to, you just go to the handy list view and voila, all their tweets, nice and separate. You can also follow other people's lists if you find a group you really like.

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We've set up a few already:

  • TiPb Staff, for all our editors, writers, reviewers, and moderators.
  • SPE Network, for TiPb sibling sites and their Android, BlackBerry, Nokia, Palm, and Windows Mobile coverage.
  • SPE Site Editors, for behind-the-scenese commentary and random thoughts from those who manage the above-mentioned sites.
  • SPE Everybody, for the master-list of everyone involved with Smartphone Experts.

We'll be adding more if/when they make sense, so if you have requests, send them our way!

New-style retweets is more controversial and potentially confusing. As Twitter rolls these out, when someone you follow retweets something, you no longer see them and their retweet, but the original tweeter, (even if you don't follow them), along with a note saying which of the people you followed retweeted it. Again, it's supposed to help with discovery, but it's already driven Justine Batement into curse-riddled outrage, and depending on how it's implemented on the web and in clients, could jut be a bad of Twitter hurt. (Techcrunch posted the above screenshot of how Tweetie 2.1 will be handling them, pink corners and all).

If you've tried them, let us know what you think, either in the comments below, or on Twitter:

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