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Yes, it's Apple Watch launch day in the United States, and iMore's going to be with you all day with our thoughts, reactions, and anticipatory UPS-staring. This page will update periodically throughout the day with more info from myself, Rene, Ally, Peter, and guest iMore friends, so stay tuned!

Editor's note: New stuff at the top, old stuff at the bottom.

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Ren: IT CAME! It came, it finally came. Not five minutes after I jokingly posted a Scott Pilgrim gif, too. I'm in the process of syncing my 38mm Sport, and since my dad's also came to the same house, I'm also trying something fun for a few days: two-tone sport bands. The Sport bands come in three separate pieces: one piece has a steel pin; the other two are x-small/small and medium/large connectors. I picked up a white band, while my dad got a blue one; since he's using his medium/large connector, it leaves me the x-small/small to combine with my white steel pin band. I don't know if I'll keep rocking this look for very long, but I think it's kind of nifty so far!

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Ally: Kaya could not be outdone by a cat with an Apple Watch.

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Ally: Our Apple Watches have landed! I repeat! Our Apple Watches have landed! So I took a few videos with Periscope. Here's one showing the blue and white bands with silver Sport models. Check my feed on Periscope for more. I'll be over here in this corner with my new toy. Precioussssss.


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James: I ordered the aluminium black sport watch — it's for development, so I didn't want to spend the extra money on a first-generation product knowing that I'll probably have to replace it in a year or so, but I still wanted something that looked cool — and I think the space grey does look very sleek.

I'll probably get the Apple leather band eventually... or more likely wait and see what other third-party options appear. I am tempted to get a different metal to clash horribly with the black aluminium just because I know it will annoy certain people. I personally liked the two-tone look of the Classic Buckle leather band with the black stainless steel from my try-on.

So far, I've spent the afternoon since it arrived just playing with the different features to see how it all works. I had a brief hands-on at the Apple Store, but that doesn't give you the full experience.

I did the heartbeat thing with Myke Hurley, as pictured, and we tried wrist-calling each other like ten-year-old spies, and that worked fine too. It's a lot smoother than I expected based on some of the earlier reviews; the interface is very fluid. The lengthiest task was the initial setup itself. It does take a while to boot up as well, but once it's up and running it's fine.

I had hoped to include a picture of pre-release PCalc running on the watch at this point, but it is quite the amusing tale. I decided way back to wait until I had a watch of my own and could get a good feel for how things worked, before I would ship any watch version of PCalc. (It wasn't entirely clear if a Casio style watch calculator would even be useful.) Anyway, I worked on a prototype over the last month, and thought I'd just put it on the watch to see how it worked. Turns out, not only do watches count against the 100 test devices you are allowed per year as an Apple developer — I had already maxed out my allocation, and theoretically I can't reset that list until mid-August. So I can't do any development at all with it right now! My, how I laughed when I found that out! :) But hopefully developer relations will let me reset my list sooner rather than later.

Ren: Stillllll waiting. But PCalc developer James Thomson is here to chat about his Apple Watch experience!


Ally: Been up for about 2 hours, writing Apple Watch how to's like a crazy person — which by the way is rather hard without an actual Apple Watch. Both of our household Apple Watches are out for delivery as we speak. Now I'm afraid to pee in fear of missing UPS.

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Myke: I think right now I am a little surprised and confused by the Watch. It's a very beautiful thing to look at, both from a software and hardware perspective (I have the 42mm Sport, with the Blue band). The screen is great, and overall I really like the look of the UI.

But what is difficult for me as I am using it today is trying to understand the differences between the Watch and the iPhone. Right now, as I'm downloading apps and poking around at things, I think that I am treating it very much like an iPhone. I am pushing the Watch and interacting with it when really the Watch is intended to push me.

I am using the Apple Watch very actively right now, when it's really more of a passive device. It comes to me with information that I should act on, rather than me trying to completely replace my iPhone by making it my primary communication mechanism.

I am not feeling down about the Watch. Not in the slightest. I just know that I need to learn to spend more time living with it, to form a more true opinion. I think this is something we will all need to do. I believe that things will start to change as developers get their hands on this device. It will enable them to possibly rethink the way that their apps work, to truly take advantage of what this device should be used for.

Ren: I'm kinda lonely chatting here by myself right now, so I asked's Myke Hurley to stop by and give us his initial thoughts about the Apple Watch. Myke, as you might have guessed from the above tweets, has a watch, because he's in Europe and thus more special than the rest of us.

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Ren: Loks like our European friends are starting to get their watches. Lucky jerks, being able to send each other their heartbeat and all that cool stuff. (Of course, am I going to be sick of this in a few hours once I've got mine? Probably.)

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Ren: I'm awake again!... and sad that my Apple Watch isn't yet out for delivery. Sad emoji face. Guess I'll just read iFixit's teardown while I pace around my front door. And write some more articles, I guess.


Ren: So... Rene has an Apple Watch, the lucky devil! Ally and I are still waiting eagerly for ours to arrive from shipping warehouses outside our cities, but rumor has it that they WILL show up in our hands today. I'm pumped. While we wait, though, Rene has been putting an absurd amount of work into writing about the Watch.

Rene: I've been using an Apple loaner watch — 42mm stainless steel with Milanese loop. It's not the black stainless with link I ordered, but it's gorgeous and I'm thrilled to be using now while waiting for my mid-May ship date.

I've already shared a day in the life — with Apple Watch which has some of my early thoughts and feelings. But I really can't wait for all of you to get yours. So I can Sketch bomb you!

And for everyone else — if you have any questions, I'm happy to answer them, so have at it in the comments!

Ren: Hey, guys, while Rene records more awesome video with the Watch, why don't we chat a bit about our impending Watches? We've got nothing better to do right now, and it's kind of Christmas morning...

So what watch are you waiting for? I think I mentioned elsewhere on the site, but I pre-ordered the 38mm Apple Watch Sport with White Sport Band, along with a Milanese Loop. After trying on many more watches at the Apple Store, I'm pretty confident in my purchase. Though that Midnight Blue Modern Buckle is also pretty fabulous...

Ally: I went with the 38mm Sport in silver with a white band. I also ordered a Milanese band separately. And no, I don't think it looks bad. Neither should you.

Peter: Mine is the 42mm Apple Watch Sport (in space gray) with black Sport Band. I'd love to pick up a Milanese band at some point — when I tried one on in the store, I couldn't get over how good it felt on the wrist. But sadly, mine isn't coming until June. Womp womp.

Ren: Do you have a watch face you really want to try? I'm partial to Astronomy, which lets you preview the rotation of the Earth, moon, and stars by spinning the Digital Crown. Such a fun way to fidget.

Peter: Mickey Mouse. Brings me right back to childhood; I got a Mickey Mouse watch when I was very young, and would hold it to my ear to listen to it tick-tock.

Ally: Not yet. I think I'll have to play with all of them for a bit before I decide which one suits me best. But I can tell you already that I don't think I'll find Mickey to be very informative.

Ren: What are you most excited about for the Watch? For me, it's a three-way tie for me between notifications, exercise and activity options, and Apple Pay on my wrist. I'm looking forward to seeing how I can dampen down my daily stream of useless notifications and focus on only those that are useful to me, and I'm also hoping there's some sort of tap customization there — harder taps for unignorable people like VIPs, for instance. And I've already talked at length about my excitement for using the Apple Watch while playing and coaching derby.

Peter: Activity and exercise is the main reason I'm interested in the Apple Watch on day one, to be frank. But the thing that excites me the most is not what the Apple Watch will do straight out of the box: It's what's to come.

Ally: I've never been a big watch person but if the Apple Watch can help me be more healthy, I'm all for it. I have been wearing fitness trackers rather consistently for over a year and have lost over 40 pounds. If it can keep me on this same track plus do more without being just another distraction, I'll be happy with my purchase.

Ren: What are you least excited about? I'm a little worried about app management and having too many tiny icons floating around on my screen.

Ally: The fact that no one but you or me will be sending animated emojis for a good while. Insert animated thumbs down here

Peter: As selfish as it sounds, I'm least excited about having to show the watch off to everyone who's gonna notice it on my wrist. I'm kind of hoping that Apple's caught up with demand by the time I get mine, though I'm sure there's still going to be some novelty there for a while, just as there was with the iPhone 6.

Ren: Any third-party app you're most excited to try? I think Twitterrific's new Watch app looks awesome, as does Yelp's and ETA's. I'm just pumped in general for the onslaught of applications and what they'll do for my day-to-day. Like the iPhone, I'm sure there will be a lot of out-of-the-gate duds, but also some apps that could possibly reinvent some of my workflows — and that prospect is genuinely thrilling.

Peter: Twitterrific will be great, I'm sure. I'm really looking forward to Clear for the Apple Watch too — Realmac's to do list manager. I'm curious to see how the Starwood hotels app will work for unlocking rooms and such. Beyond that, I'm taking a bit of a wait and see approach, because I have to figure out what's going to work best for me.

Ally: I'm excited for hotels and boarding passes, even though I'm not convinced these tiny boarding passes actually work. I've tried with larger versions on my iPhone and they grunt and complain. I can't wait for the angry eyes when I hold up a watch face.

Ren: Any extra accessories or cases you have your eye on? I'm probably going to get an Apple Watch charging stand at some point, because I know otherwise I'm going to just lose my cable under a cabinet somewhere, but otherwise Dodocase's stands look like they're going to be something special, and I'm curious to try them out.

Peter: I'll probably pick up a spare charging cable at the very least. As far as stands go, I'm a fan of how Twelve South's HiRise for Apple Watch (opens in new tab) looks and would like to get my hands on one.

Ally: I have my eye on the same stand Peter does. So hey Peter, hands off!

Check back for more fun launch day coverage! And got a question (or just want to show off your new Watch)? Chime in with a comment!

Serenity was formerly the Managing Editor at iMore, and now works for Apple. She's been talking, writing about, and tinkering with Apple products since she was old enough to double-click. In her spare time, she sketches, sings, and in her secret superhero life, plays roller derby. Follow her on Twitter @settern.

  • Not that I plan to shower with my watch, but I'm a little confused. I've seen posts that Tim Cook said he showers with his but on the Watch guide it says not to. So which is it? Also, it says you can be in the rain with it. What if the amount of rain is the same as a shower would produce?
  • Tim Cook can afford a few stainless watches. I wouldn't shower with it myself.
  • Me either. I never understood why anyone would want to shower with a watch.
  • When I used to wear a watch it never came off my wrist. Sleep, shower, swim, did everything with it. Only time it came off was when it needed a new band. Aside from the pure convenience of never taking it off (not possible here because of need to recharge) a good shower with it on always kept my watch clean, resanitized every day, and you never ever had to worry about wear you left it or lost it. My first watch was a winder, total pain to have to take off and wind every couple days. This requires me to take off and charge every day plus clean. It would be in my junk drawer collecting dust in a couple weeks. I suppose I also still have this mental block from those days... I wouldn't even look at a watch that wasn't water resistant let alone pay more than $20 for one. Even the crappiest Casio piece of sh*t hanging on a wall rack of junk in the blue light special deals of Kmart was at least water resistant.
  • Two steps forward, one step back. I'm sure it's only a matter of time till they make a more water resistant version. - but doing it with this one is borderline from what I read.
  • Oh I'm sure. Looking at Galley's video below, it tells me Apple isn't confident enough in QC to put it on the box yet.
  • The Apple Watch passed these submersion tests with flying colors. YMMV Sent from the iMore App
  • Wow. I won't be showering or swimming with it but good to know I won't have to worry about getting caught in a rain storm.
  • Really not where it would see the most water hitting it. That would be washing your hands after using the bathroom. Another problem, I used to know guys with the expensive watches who would take them off to wash their hands. That was the time when they would get stolen at the gym or public restrooms. Don't think that would be issue with this watch. Not all of them might be able to survive the pool like this one, but I would feel confident they could all survive the sink after watching that video. Other places where watches got stolen a lot, the beach, public pools, crowds. They'd steal them right off wrist at Mardi Gras in the crowds. Some of these bands I'm seeing... A watch thief's wet dream.
  • Can't say I agree with the washing the hands being worse than a strong downpour unless maybe your a surgeon. I have a Microsoft band that I wear daily. I never take it off to wash my hands and its barely gotten a drop in it. But when I go for a walk or a bike ride on a day with a chance of rain, I bring a small plastic bag with me just in case there is a downpour.
  • You might be more conscientious than anyone I've ever met.
  • I just asked Apple Care about showering with it... they say its a NO NO....
  • I imagine Jony Ive having major heartburn if he saw a silver aluminum watch with its satin-like finish paired with a band with shiny stainless steel connectors. I know people are dying for Sport with stainless steel bands to work but honestly they don't look good at all. Maybe the ones that don't have stainless steel connectors are better this combination looks just awful.
  • So frustrating to read all the Apple Watch articles when you have to wait until June (I ordered a few minutes too late and it was a Sport Space Grey, so no chance of an earlier delivery).
  • I'm just pretending that it isn't out yet. That'll probably be more difficult to do once I see one out in the wild. It's cool, though. I'll get mine soon enough. Sent from the iMore App
  • i feel your pain, i ordered a black stainless with black link band and it was 4-6 weeks as soon as the store opened. i believe they didn't make any of that model till we ordered them and now with an email from 12:10 am pst (ordered 12:08 pst) mine is scheduled to be available in june. i'm so very frustrated this launch has been a mess, they definitely over-promised and under-delivered.
  • I wonder how many people have the 4/24-5/8 and still haven't see a status change or been charged.
  • I'm one if those. I order mine at 3:03 am eastern time. Mines still says processing deliver 4/24-5/8 Sent from the iMore App
  • I'm sorry to hear that. I wasn't 100% sure mine was coming today until UPS updated the shipping information early this morning. (My order was confirmed at 3:02 a.m. EDT on April 10.)
  • Add me to the count. Ordered 38mm Apple Watch Sport in Space Gray at 3:03. Got the email of death and the order is still "Processing Items" status with 4/24 - 5/8 delivery window. Its a little frustrating to wake up to order in the middle of the night and not get it on launch day. First world problems.
  • I would have been happy with the email of death. Ordered the same watch at 0301, confirmation email at 0302, and not a word since.
  • @RECON1 - add me to the list. 42mm silver Watch with Milanese loop. No change in order status since I placed it at 12:08 Pacific Time on April 10th.
  • I'm in the same camp as most of you all. And that's probably because I preordered the sports black version.
  • I ordered it at 9:03 (Hawaii time) says delivery is 4/24 - 5/8, and still no status change. "processing"
    Ordered the Stainless 42 with black sports band.
  • I'm with Peter. . . . Bring on Mickey Mouse.
  • I feel trapped in Apple Sport Watch limbo. I ordered the 38 mm Space Gray with a black band at 0301 EST and received a confirmation email on gmail at 0302. Expected shipping date of 4/24 - 5/8. Since then I've gotten nada. Not so much as a copy of the now infamous "Dear John" letter from Apple. Has anyone heard anything on a Space Gray that has actually shipped?
  • Dan Moren (@dmoren) twitted yesterday that his 42mm SG Sport had shipped.
  • I'm sure you'll hear something soon. And I would be surprised if you had to wait until 5/8.
  • I actually did get a "Dear Darnell" update the other day, but it didn't say anything outside of the obvious, which is exactly what the order status says (Processing)
  • My 42 mm Space Gray Sport model is out for delivery. Come on big brown truck!
  • Ren, enjoy your Apple Watch whenever it shows up. I've looked at them and one thing is apparent. The Apple Watch is for young eyes like yours and not 59 yo eyes like mine!
  • WRONG - a pair of sixties looking at the space gray sport on my wrist and saying - "This is good..." I've been reading texts and emails all afternoon with no strain or headache, and I have -7.50 vision (corrected of course).
  • As I tweeted this morning to Rene and the iMore gang, I shall ravenously receive every word, picture and video they post today, if not through tears being shed for not getting mine until May 13.
  • june................
  • Enough said.
  • Many people who preordered are still waiting while some people were able to go to a store and pick one up. Hmm. I mean, I understand Apple is trying to get the watch to as many people as possible especially since they said they'd be available in stores today during the keynote but... Maybe some better prioritizing? Or am I not thinking this through properly?
  • No, you're correct, this is very . . . how shall I say, odd.
  • Just got billed and checked online that I have been changed to preparing to ship. Orig: 4/24-5/8. Space gray sport. Sent from the iMore App
  • Very nice. It won't be long now.
  • I'm liking the look the the box you get with the SS model.
  • I guess my Apple Watch launch date is May 29 #AppleWatch Sent from the iMore App
  • I ordered a green band sport and a black band SS at the same time @3:02am EST on 4/10/15. Just got my sport delivered, but my SS is still sitting at processing. Really??
  • The sport band feels wonderful, right? I can barely tell I have it on.
  • If I forgot to get Apple care for my watch. Can I still do get it and how? Sent from the iMore App
  • Yes, no problem. You can go to the store or call Apple and they can run a test remotely. Warning: you only have 30 days to purchase it.
  • I thought you have 60 days with the watch?
  • "Important notes
    Purchase AppleCare+ with your new Apple Watch. Or buy it within 60 days of your Apple Watch purchase:
    At an Apple Retail Store (inspection of Apple Watch and proof of purchase are required)
    OR call (800) 275-2273 (requires you to run a remote diagnostic and provide proof of purchase)"
  • Thank you for correcting my mistake. You are right, it's 60 days.
  • I forgot too but I got mine covered the second I set mine up! Call 1(800) 275-2273 and just talk to someone and they can sell you Apple Care.
  • Loving using mine - although a bit more tricky for a lefty who will not compromise on a) putting the watch on my right hand and b) having the digital crown on the top right. Bluetooth is not playing nice either but boy to I like the look of the watch and some of the apps I know will be needed every day. Sent from the iMore App
  • I am absolutely loving my 42mm Sport Silver with White band. My favorite feature so far is the ability to Clear All Notifications by Force Pressing in the Notification Area. I have been wanting this on iPhone for so long and now that the watch syncs back to the phone I have it. Least favorite aspect so far is that unfortunately most of the early reviews were right about the insane amount of time that Glances take to open up and refresh data. I hope this is something that Apple and Developers can work on through the SDK and future OS updates. It really sort of ruins an otherwise perfect interaction. I find it interesting that the "apps" seem to work better than the glances do.
  • Bluetooth data transfer won't be something that will be easily circumvented, so expect no changes regarding speed until more processing power and memory are actually in the watch. I suspect the 3rd or 4th generation of the Apple Watch will actually perform much of the computing on the watch itself.
  • I believe it has already been said that it is being worked on
  • Ordered two, for my wife and I, and they were delivered around 2:30pm here in Vermont. Asked the UPS guy if he was delivering many, and he says that supposedly there were only 28 being delivered in Vermont today. If that's true, I guess I'm going to get a lot of questions in the next few weeks...
  • I am uncertain if am happy for everyone, or if I just hate you all. Ok hate is a strong word, maybe loathe, no dislike. Ok, I am jealous, that all of you who received your  Watch. I am truly happy for all you. I hope you enjoy your  Watch, and it's awesomeness. I will dream of an  Watch future, "My Precious".
  • And I don't know about the rest of you, but if I lived in London. I'd be saying, "Here kitty, kitty, kitty." That kitty has the best, collar I have seen on a cat. It most be all that Apple goodness it is wearing.
  • Mine came a little over an hour ago! I am loving it!!! Very cool watch and it is very slick!!! Enjoy it for all those who got theirs!
  • I'm from Edmonton & still nothing no shipping info or 2nd email from Apple Sent from the iMore App
  • I received my 42 mm space grey Apple Watch about 1 pm today. Had to work until 5, and didn't get home to open the package until 6:30... April 10th until today was bad enough, but knowing that my watch was sitting on the counter while I'm at work was even worse. Some of my first impressions: -- The screen is truly beautiful (Very crisp, with deep blacks and sharp text). The only problem, I'm 49 and have to use my reading glasses to see some of the smaller details. Not a big deal, as most of the items I'll be looking at are large enough. __ I was afraid the 42 mm would be huge on my wrist. I was completely wrong. Even with my smaller wrists, the watch fits perfectly. __ I'm a techno junkie, and I can figure out most things within minutes.... However, the watch does take some getting used to, especially the force touch. I thought a force touch was just keeping my finger pressed down longer. It really is a forceful touch. -- Lastly, this a very nice watch. At one point before getting it, I thought I'd look silly and have to hide it away from my non-techie friends. After wearing it an hour, I'd have to say that there is nothing at all that makes this a nerdy watch. It's functional, and from what I can tell extremely helpful. I won't be hiding this away from anyone. I wish iMore would allow users to post pictures, because you have to see the watch to really appreciate how nice it is.
  • Got mine earlier than I expected. Around 1-ish instead of the 2-6 time frame. Pictures make it look a lot thicker and taller than it is. Apple probably could have made one closer to 50mm and be fine. The box was heavy too. Still like the look of the SS box but the really long rectangular box is nice. There's only a few quirks I guess you could say I'd change about it. Overall it's nice. Can't even feel it on my wrist, although I'm not a fan of the sports band. I've only dropped about 16% since about 2-2:30.
  • Ok i have ordered SS 42mm black sports. I'm in UK and have 24/4-8/5 delivery. Has anyone either received this watch or had a change of shipping yet? Sent from the iMore App
  • The other thing that I really like is just the sheer pleasure of reading notifications in your own time without the obtrusiveness of the way it is implemented on the phone. Raise to see and force touch must come to the iPhone me thinks. Sent from the iMore App
  • I think only half of the people who bought the Apple Watch will consistantely use it as a fitness device since we Americans are just too unhealthy to begin with culture-wise. Btw 40 lbs is very hard to loose Alley so hopefully the Apple watch can make alot easier and even faster for you, me and everybody else. Happy exercising! :)
  • I think only half of the people who bought the Apple Watch will consistantely use it as a fitness device since we Americans are just too unhealthy to begin with culture-wise. Btw 40 lbs is very hard to loose Alley so hopefully the Apple watch can make alot easier and even faster for you, me and everybody else. Happy exercising! :)
  • The Apple Watch might be the catalyst some people need to change their behavior; however, ultimately, living a healthier life comes down to tenacity. So . . . you are correct, if "half of the people who bought the Apple Watch" are not determined to improve their health, no electronic device will prove to be a panacea.
  • What happens if an Apple Watch gets stolen - could it be paired with another phone? or would it brick somehow? Sent from the iMore App
  • I've been wondering this as well. Does the watch show up on Find Your IPhone? Unlike regular watches, it would be an easy resell and would scream "mug me!" Sent from the iMore App
  • Well it has a passcode on it. Once the watch is taken off you have to enter the passcode. That's about all the protection you have but at least it's something. Sent from the iMore App
  • Waiting for my Apple Watch is like waiting fort the new Star Wars movie. Except that no one has seen the new Star Wars movie yet, and thousands of people already received their Apple Watches. Maybe I'll just go into a state of Jedi Meditation until June.
  • Scratchgate Sent from the iMore App