How to follow the Super Bowl on your iPhone and iPad

Tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday, and whether you're cheering for the New England Patriots or the New York Giants, it's easy to follow all the action right on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. You can stay up to date while away from home and on the road, or get all sorts of extra information while you're watching live.

NFL Live for Verizon iPhone

NFL Live for Verizon iPhone

If you have an iPhone on Verizon, you can take advantage of their exclusive NFL Mobile app to stream Super Bowl XLVI straight to your mobile device. It's a universal app, though it doesn't specifically say that live video will also be streamed to the iPad version, so if you want to be absolutely certain you see it, keep your iPhone handy. Both versions should give you the latest news, videos, as well as all the information you need to stay in the big game. Super Bowl XLVI site Super Bowl XLVI site

The NFL also has a full site up for Super Bowl 46, complete with history, events, visitors guides, live feeds, trivia, and much, much more. The mobile experience won't quite be up to that of the desktop -- which is why they made the apps -- but if you want to make sure you've got everything covered, launch Safari on log onto And if you're not on Verizon and need to watch live, you can do so from here with your Mac or Windows PC.

Super Bowl XLVI Guide

Super Bowl XLVI Guide

The official NFL Super Bowl 46 guide app will keep you up to date with maps, local happenings, and more. Whether you'll be attending the big game in person or watching from the comfort of your home, the Super Bowl XLVI Guide is the best way to navigate through the multitude of Super Bowl events and and keep up with all the social media buzz that's sure to be generated by millions and millions of fans.

Super Bowl XLVI Guide is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and is available in the App Store now.

Super Bowl XLVI Commemorative App for iPad

By NFL Magazine, the Super Bowl 46 commemorative app for iPad brings you the full story of how the New England Patriots and New York Giants made it to the big game, key stats, and bonus features like video, interviews, stadium shots, and more.

More Football is More

If that's not still not enough Football for you, you can also check out our Top 5 NFL Football apps for iPhone. Whether you're interested in play by play commentary or managing your fantasy leagues, we've got you covered.

Now here's the big question -- come tomorrow, who's going to win?

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