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What you need to know

  • Sure, iPhone 12 will be cool and all. But there's always next year just around the corner.
  • This iPhone 13 concept shows what Tim Cook could have up his Apple Watch-clad sleeve.
  • OK, probably not. But it doesn't hurt to dream. Just imagine what this would cost.

Apple is set to announce four new iPhones in September or October, but what will it announce next year? That's the question this concept video tries to answer and boy, does it. Well, sort of.

There is no doubt whatsoever that the iPhone 13 concept ticks the right boxes and gets those excitement juices flowing. With a curved screen that wraps around to all four sides, this would be the ultimate YouTube machine. I want it in my life like, yesterday. Physics and current technology be damned!

We also get a look at AirPower, because of course we do, as well as the upgraded iPhone 13 Pro. And that's where things really jump into the future. A screen on all four sides of the phone isn't enough, you say? How about a screen on the back, too?

Check it out.

The concept shows a screen with a center-mounted camera strip housing all he photography gubbins we use so much. It's a cool look, although one that might take a little getting used to. And it renders cases completely out of the question, of course.

Now, sure. Neither of these iPhones are going to arrive next year or, likely, the couple of years after that. But in a world where we continue to argue that new phones are getting boring and that the future is foldables, it's fun to see what else could be done.

Just don't expect it to be done any time soon.