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What you need to know

  • Fortnite is coming back to iOS through NVIDIA GeForce Now.
  • A closed beta is opening soon, with registration open right now.
  • NVIDIA GeForce Now allows players to stream PC quality games to their various devices.

Fortnite is coming back to iOS, though not as a native download. Instead, Fortnite is being added to iOS through NVIDIA GeForce Now, with a closed beta starting sometime the week after the announcement. This is a limited time closed beta, and waitlist registration is now open for any players who are interested, though not everyone will be selected.

Note that registration is limited to GeForce Now members, so you'll need to sign up if you haven't yet in order to register. Players will be added to the beta test in waves over the coming weeks.

Epic Games has been working to get Fortnite back on iOS over the last year since the game was removed. Apple removed Fortnite from iOS due to Epic Games adding alternate payment methods, circumventing App Store rules. Since then, Apple has been rejecting requests by Epic Games to put Fortnite back on iOS.

NVIDIA GeForce Now is a streaming service, allowing players to choose a free or paid tier and stream PC games they own (or free-to-play titles) to a different device such as their tablet or phone. AT&T is currently running a special offer, allowing new and current customers to get six months of the Priority tier for GeForce Now for free.

Nvidia Geforce Now

GeForce Now

NVIDIA's cloud game streaming service is one of the best available today. With different tiers that allow different quality streaming and longer sessions of playing, there's something for everyone's budget, even if you don't want to spend anything at all.

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