Fortnite X Mayhem promo

What you need to know

  • Fornite X Mayhem is available to download now.
  • The update adds Borderlands to Fortnite's growing list of crossovers.
  • Increased build times are already proving unpopular.

Fortnite's latest update is now live in the App Store and it brings with it a crossover that nobody asked for. But now it's here it makes perfect sense. Fortnite X Mayhem mixes the battle royale goodness of Fortnite with the crazy locations and skins from the popular Gearbox Software game Boderlands.

Greetings, Traveler! Inhabitants of Pandora have found their way to Fortnite, and they brought with them the planet's characteristic mayhem. Starting today until September 10, shoot and loot your way through the Pandora Rift Zone, take on themed Challenges for free rewards, and pick up the Psycho Bundle from the shop.

The new update carries the 10.20 release number and brings with it a considerable number of changes. You can check them all out on the Fortnite blog.

Carrying on the Borderlands theme, skins for Claptrap and Psycho are present, as is a new Rift Zone based on Pandora. The crossover will run until September 10th, but any Borderlands-themed skins and accessories will remain available to those who buy them, even beyond that date.

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But this wouldn't be a Fortnite update without some controversy. This time it comes in the form of an increase in the time it takes to place a new build in Turbo Build mode. Epic Games says that the increase from 0.05 seconds to 0.15 seconds was to "level the playing field regarding ping" but it hasn't gone down well.

Fortnite fans are still reeling from the over-powered mechs that Epic added in a previous update. Those mechs have now had their powers dialed down, only for a new irritation to emerge.

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