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What you need to know

  • A French TV channel has been able to get access to Apple Park.
  • Three Apple execs spoke to French TV channel TF1.

French TV channel TF1 got an exclusive look around Apple Park along with some interviews with some of Apple's top brass. In the written and video-based report, we hear from Greg Joswiak, Lisa Jackson, and Dr. Sumbul Desai.

The video is perhaps the most interesting part of the report given how rarely Apple allows such a thing to happen. The report talks about the sheer size of Apple Park, pointing out that it is home to 12,000 people — although right now people are spending more time away from the Apple HQ than inside of it due to COVID-19.

Part of the report saw Apple Vice President of Health Dr. Sumbul Desai talk about health, something that Apple was already focusing on before the pandemic struck. Apple Watch Series 7 is just part of Apple's health play, and it's going to go further.

Via Apple's own machine translation:

Due to a pandemic, the building is now emptied of most of its workers, many of whom telework. Contrary to appearances, the few crossed employees do not necessarily walk, but practice traditional meetings while walking, supposed to promote creativity. So, what are they preparing in their non-access laboratories? One of their priorities is health. Thanks to the success of its connected watch and the data it displays, the brand intends to weigh more and more in this very promising market. "Our goal is to provide data that is useful to users and also to their doctors. We don't want to replace this doctor-patient relationship, but we want to improve it," says Dr. Sumbul Desai, Vice President of Health at Apple.

The report goes on to see Greg Joswiak, Apple's vice president of global marketing, talk about Steve Jobs and the legacy that is Apple Park while Lisa Jackson, Vice President of Environment and Social Initiatives, also spoke about the company's environmental efforts.

Lisa Jackson On Apple Park RoofSource: Apple

The video runs for around four minutes and is perhaps our best insight yet at what the inside of Apple Park looks like. You can watch and read more right now.