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What you need to know

  • Apple is about to be fined by the French government.
  • The authority is accusing the company of anti-competitive behavior.
  • They are specifically focusing on Apple's sales and distribution practices.

Apple is about to deal with a new fine from the French government, according to a new report from Reuters on Thursday. The French consumer watchdog is apparently set to fine the company for anti-competitive behavior for its sales and distribution practices, say two sources familiar with the matter.

According to one of the sources, the competition authority will make a final decision about the fine on Monday, March 16th. Neither source would confirm the exact details about the fine or the amount that they would levy against Apple.

Isabelle de Silva, the head of the French antitrust watchdog, has gone after major technology companies from the United States before. Google was recently fined $167 million for "opaque advertising rules".

Earlier this year, Apple was fined by the French authorities for slowing down iPhones in order to protect battery life and prevent performance issues. The company paid 25 million euros and published a notice on its website about the slow-down issue for a month.

Apple has denied the anti-competitive allegations against them by the French consumer watchdog DGCCRF. Reuters reached out to the French authority, but it declined to comment on the matter.