Fruit Attacks has invaded, so get ready to blast some fruit

Fruit: it's an important part of a healthy diet. But like anything else, too much fruit can be bad for you. Especially when the fruit turns against us, as in the new action puzzle game Fruit Attacks from En Masse Entertainment.

In Fruit Attacks, an army of alien fruit is slowly descending towards the earth. Players will have to blast the fruit invaders out of the sky with the help of cute creatures called SATIs. With a unique two-touch aiming system, vibrant art, and lots of stuff to collect and upgrade, Fruit Attacks might be freshest puzzle game you've played in ages. Read on for details!

Fruit Atttacks screenshots

When good fruit goes bad

In each level of Fruit Attacks, waves of enemy fruits will descend from the top of the screen. If they reach the Earth at the bottom of the screen, it's all over – kind of like Space Invaders or Missile Command.

The big difference here is Fruit Attacks' clever aiming system. Instead of just flicking up at enemies to fire, players must aim with two fingers. Each finger controls its own crosshair, and the position of the two crosshairs determines the arc of your shots. This lets you make cool shots that fly up high before zipping down, shots that move from left to right, etc.

The goal is always to match the arc of the enemy wave you target. The more fruits you destroy in a row without missing, the better your combo. Downed enemies drop golden seeds that act as currency between stages.

Some fruit invaders have too much health to take out with a normal blast, in which case you'll need to charge your shots. Simple press and hold with both fingers to charge a shot that will deal extra damage. Vibro-Skills will help deal with dangerous situations as well. It slowly builds up as a level progresses. When the Vibro meter reaches its peak, shake the screen to unleash the SATI's unique full-screen attack.

At the end of each area, players will have to defeat huge boss fruits. They attack with teams of smaller fruits, creating a nice challenge. You can always switch between normal levels and Nightmare levels for an extra challenge as well.

Fruit Atttacks screenshots

Building an army of fruit fighters

Fruit Attacks currently offers more than 180 levels to clear, with more on the way. The game also has lots of stuff to unlock, starting with the six playable animal characters called SATIs. Each SATI packs its own distinctive innate skill and Vibro-Skill. The SATIs can be upgraded independently, and different SATIs are better for different situations. An arsenal of separately upgradable mini-minions will add even more punch to your shots.

Players also get a home base to customize between missions. The more fruit enemies you kill, the more juice you can trade for rewards from the fridge. Your pet cat will drag in some regular or premium currency every so often as well. And finally, you can buy more furniture as you get farther in the game.

Fruit Attacks is a free to play game, and as such it has an energy system to keep players from rushing through the game. It probably gets pretty tough eventually too, but you can always go back and grind for money for upgrades that will make things easier.

You can't throw an apple without hitting a mobile puzzle game, but Fruit Attacks manages to stand out from the crowd with its distinct two-finger aiming mechanics. If you like fast-paced puzzle games, give this fruit a taste.

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