FUN! FUN! Animal Park for Nintendo Switch: Everything you need to know

Looking for a fun game to play with a kid, or a safe game for two young kids to play together? Aksys Games is coming out with FUN! FUN! Animal Park exclusively for the Nintendo Switch, which is a simple-to-understand, kid-friendly co-op game that features adorable animal friends and games that will keep them busy while not containing any objectionable content.

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There are three total game modes and 30 different minigames to choose from. Here's everything else you need to know about FUN! FUN! Animal Park:

What is FUN! FUN! Animal Park?

FUN! FUN! Animal Park is a collection of animal-themed minigames for one or two players. The minigames can be played for fun or competitively, and are all simple enough that the collection as a whole is great for kids to try. Every minigame features at least one cute animal, and players are guided and taught how to play by a stuffed lion and bunny who make the rules simple to follow.

Because the game is exclusive to the Nintendo Switch, it is able to take advantage of the console's features - many of the games feature motion controls as a result.

What modes are there to play?

FUN! FUN! Animal Park has three game modes:

  • Tour Mode - This guided mode takes players through minigames in a particular order with a loose storyline as they seek the "champion" of Animal Land
  • One Match Mode - Player choose a single game and compete in it
  • Solo Mode - This allows solo players to try and beat saved high scores in specific games

What are all the minigames?

Here are all the minigames we know of so far in FUN! FUN! Animal Park. There are 30 total, and we do not know the official names but can see the games in the trailer and screenshots:

  • Doggie Obstacle Course
  • Kangaroo boxing
  • Pig racing
  • Pandas balancing on beach balls
  • A quiz involving various animals
  • Sheep Shearing
  • Lemurs collecting apples
  • Penguin sliding

Can I play with a friend?

FUN! FUN! Animal Park allows you to play with up to one other person in either Tour Mode or One Match Mode. Online play is not available for this title - you can only play together locally on a single Nintendo Switch.

When can I play?

FUN! FUN! Animal Park is planned for release on the Nintendo Switch on March 28, 2019, and will cost $29.99.

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Any questions about FUN! FUN! Animal Park

If you're still not sure if you and your family want to adventure into the animal park, ask any questions you have in the comments below!

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