G Technology ArmorlockSource: G-Technology

What you need to know

  • G-Technology has announced the ArmorLock Encrypted NVMe SSD.
  • Not only is it fast, but it's also secure thanks to ArmorLock technology.
  • You can use Touch ID and Face ID to authenticate.

G-Technology has today announced the new ArmorLock Encrypted NVMe SSD, a drive that you can take with you and be sure that your data is safe and sound when you do. Not only is the drive rugged, but it also features 256-bit AES-XTS encryption, too.

Designed for any kind of information that's important and private, this portable SSD comes in a 2TB capacity and is priced at $599.

We built the ArmorLock™ encrypted NVMe™ SSD and app from the ground-up with technology that delivers revolutionary data protection that's amazingly simple to use and doesn't slow you down. Use the app to unlock and control who gets access to your drive – no password needed. Pro-grade performance and ultra-rugged features give you durability you can rely on. It's next-generation security, with new-generation simplicity.

When a drive includes encryption it usually means you're going to need to enter complicated passwords every time you want to use it. But by downloading the Mac or iPhone app, you can unlock your drive using nothing more than your face or fingerprint instead.

The ARMORLOCK™ mobile and desktop apps make unlocking and managing your ARMORLOCK drive really simple. Instead of remembering passwords or using fingerprints, your phone or computer becomes the key to unlock your drive. The app is packed with features such as multi-drive and multi-user management, secure erase and self-formatting, and viewing where your drive was last used.

The drive itself features 1,000-pound crush resistance and IP67 dust and water resistance, not to mention 3-meter drop protection that should be more than enough for the majority of people. Connectivity is handled by a USB-C cable and transfer speeds of up to 1,000MB/s should be plenty.

Sure, this isn't the cheapest 2TB SSD around, but it's fast and offers security features others drives don't. Depending on the data you're securing, this could be more than worth the money.