Apple is looking to hire AI experts for mixed reality

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Apple has been hiring new AI experts recently already, but this time it looks like there is more of a target as to where the new hire will be working – and it could have something to do with mixed reality.

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg took to Twitter to show what he found on the Apple jobs board, a new job advert looking for 'generative AI experts' that can "develop [their] expertise in Augmented and Virtual reality."

Apple's hiring spree

While Apple has banned the use of ChatGPT in its offices, it still seems interested in generative AI and how it can be used in its products. This new job advert is just one of several that Apple has put forward recently, although this is the first with a focus on VR and AR.

Gurman reckons that the hire is going to be working on a way to create apps on Apple VR without having to take the headset off, using the 'conversational AI' to build software.

This could well be more evidence that we're going to see the Appzle VR at WWDC next week, as well. At this point, the headset is almost a given, although we're still not entirely sure what it will look like and how it will function.

We do have some idea, however. There will likely be a small knob or dial on the side to switch between AR and VR, the user interface will look like iOS or iPadOS, and it's going to be externally powered by a small battery pack that you wear on your waist. It will run on an OS called xrOS, and we have some idea about a few features in there, such as virtual workspaces and a mode that will let you run iPad apps.

Apple VR is not yet here, however, and it remains to be seen how this new AI position fits in – are you looking forward to Apple VR? Let us know on the iMore forums!

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