Apple Vision Pro 2 is set to get an even better display that could be worth waiting for

A lady wearing the Apple Vision Pro headset
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Apple Vision Pro isn't available to buy yet, but its successor is already rumored to be getting a much-improved display — but you'll have to wait until 2027 to try it out.

According to MacRumors via market research firm Omdia, Vision Pro 2 is set to have a brighter and more efficient RGB OLEDoS display. This would be a big step up from the Vision Pro's micro-OLED display.

For those unaware, displays are built on several layers, resulting in the screens you look at each day. An LCD for instance has five layers — a backlight, a polarizer that controls contrast, an integrated circuit to house the components, a circuit board to connect these layers and the display, followed by the LCD panel.

As technology advances, there's a lesser need for these layers, which is how we can have devices as small as an Apple Watch that have an OLED display.

When it comes to RGB OLEDoS, this doesn't require a certain layer, called a color filter, which controls the amount of white light when passing through an RGB image. This results in far better brightness than is currently available, and as it's one less layer, it results in better power management.

Yet, Vision Pro 2 isn't expected to arrive until 2027 — and certain factors, such as components shortages or demand for the product, could change that date. So while this could be a great improvement, we may see RGB OLEDoS in a future iPhone, well before Apple Vision Pro 2 arrives. Although, if you're waiting to buy Apple's headset, it's likely not because of what its display offers — it's more likely to do with what its display will show.

Don't wait, just buy it when you can — iMore's take

Apple's Vision Pro headset will be one of the highlights of 2024 — I'm laying the gauntlet on that right now.

Why, you ask? Well, even though it's going to cost $3,499 when it launches, allegedly in February, Vision Pro feels like it could finally be the one to justify virtual and augmented reality.

You see, I've been taking a lot of Spatial Videos throughout the holidays, thanks to the feature being enabled in iOS 17.2. This means that I can use my iPhone 15 Pro Max to record a bunch of videos that can be viewed on the headset in a 3D space. I won't be buying a Vision Pro, but it's for the 'just in case' scenario in case I do end up owning one.

For those who are planning on buying one, however, don't wait for what could be coming to a Vision Pro 2. These devices are meant to be used for the here and now — not for when a new RGB OLEDoS display may be coming to the headset.

I truly believe that the headset is going to help those with educational and accessibility needs. Seeing spatial video and using their Macs with Vision Pro is going to transform how some users get through their day. That's what Apple does best, and by the time 2024 ends, we'll be seeing how Vision Pro has enriched a lot of people's lives.

So while there will inevitably be newer versions of Vision Pro with new features, it's always best to keep in mind how these devices can benefit you now.

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