Sorry glasses wearers, you're only going to be able to choose preset glasses for your Vision Pro avatar

Vision Pro Persona
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Vision Pro is already sub-optimal for those of us blessed with rough eyesight, but the headset also just got a whole lot less fun. We already were going to have to invest in snazzy, special Zeiss lenses that take the place of your glasses when the Vision Pro is strapped to our heads, but now Apple has added salt to the wound — you can’t have your own glasses appear on your floating head avatar.

Pointed out by X-user M1Astra, the code as part of the creation of your digital persona requires you to take off your glasses. Instead of the headset scanning your glasses, you get a preset number of eyewear options to choose from that will go over your avatar’s face — so let’s hope there’s an option that echoes your favorite pair of glasses.

Setting up Vision Pro

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Beyond the eyewear problem, the rest of the setup looks pretty interesting. It starts with a request to make sure that the light around you is bright enough to get started, and then it requests you pop your glasses off. What follows is a series of instructions that takes you through the scanning process, as it seems to capture everything from the shape of your nose, to the curve of your smile.

“Let’s capture your facial expressions,” the headset asks, scanning you with your eyebrows raised, a toothy smile, and then closed eyes. It reads head movements too, so that it can emulate your movement in those FaceTime calls the keynote showed off. 

There’s also what the code calls ‘hand enrollment’, which will register your hands so that you can point at stuff in those floating presentations to your design client, or whatever you’re planning on doing with Vision Pro. This entire setup uses the cameras on the front of the device, and seems like a far more involved version of the FaceID setup on the iPhone.

Vision Pro arrives next year, and it’s going to be interesting to see how all this works in the real world — and hopefully, Apple will have extended those glasses options.

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