Waiting for a cheaper Apple Vision Pro headset? We've got some bad news

A lady wearing the Apple Vision Pro headset
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If you’ve been hoping for a low-cost Vision Pro headset, then it looks like you’re out of luck — according to one top insider, it’s likely been scrapped.

With a price tag of $3499, the Vision Pro is already not something for everyone, and now the ever-reliable Ming-Chi Kuo has arrived to pour more water on the parade, stating that 'Apple may have canceled the low-cost Vision Pro version plan.'

Vision Pro for all

The Vision Pro is going to be a device for the wealthy early adopter, but that shouldn’t stop there from being more affordable versions in the future. Kuo, however, puts something of a kibosh on the notion, while claiming that Apple will ship anywhere between 400,000 to 600,000 of the first generation — less than the million units that the market expects.

He goes on to say 'Apple may have canceled the low-cost Vision Pro version plan', continuing 'Unless Apple significantly reduces the price of Vision Pro, the anticipated significant shipment growth in Vision Pro shipments starting in 2025 may not materialize.' About as final as final can be.

The second generation of devices aren’t likely to come out until 2027, he explains, adding 'There may be no hardware updates for the Vision Pro in the coming years.'

So there are a couple of things to take away; Sales expectations have lowered, no more budget Vision Pro, and no updates for a good few years after release. No wonder Kuo questions 'why users need this product'.

Low-cost Vision Pro — iMore’s take

We’re excited for Vision Pro, make no bones about it. We can’t wait to strap the Spatial computer to our faces and creep everyone out with the digital eyes on the front. We’re also not looking forward to paying that massive price tag to get one.

A low-cost Vision Pro would make sense. Once Apple has brought the device to market, there should be nothing stopping it from using the developments and tech from the more expensive model in a cheaper one as production ramps up.

Kuo makes an interesting point, however. “Why do users need this product” is not something that you would ask of pretty much all of Apple’s product lineup. You needn’t justify the iPhone or the MacBook, the HomePod, or the Apple Watch — but there is something of the gimmick about the Vision Pro. Beyond the wealthy early adopters of the Vision Pro, there are perhaps fewer users who need something like the Apple headset and won’t be very likely to put down the cash on even a cheaper device.

There are enough rumors still swirling to say that Kuo might have got this one slightly off base — but the analyst has been right about this stuff before.

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