xrProOS the latest Apple VR trademark spotted ahead of WWDC 2023

The Apple VR headset from the rear
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Apple, secretive as always, is thought to have used 'shell companies' in order to file trademarks for the new Apple VR headset – in this case, something to do with (it looks like) the OS at the heart of the device.

According to Macrumors, Apple used a "Delaware-based shell company" named Deep Dive LLC and submitted a trademark application for "xrProOS," crucially using Apple's SF Pro font. The trademarks were submitted on May 18 in Argentina, The Philippines, and Turkey

Apple VR; coming soon?

The same 'xrProOS' name appeared in different countries under the Deep Dive LLC in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand on the same day as above, but missing the Apple font choice. The first place the trademark appeared was Jamaica – where Apple apparently likes to enter trademarks for new products before release.

The same shell company also applied for the xrOS trademark in New Zealand last week, so it looks like Apple could also be trademarking to cover its bases.

What could this new trademark be used for? It looks likely to be an OS for Apple's VR device, mixing together the xrOS and Reality Pro names that Bloomberg Mark Gurman has coined in the past. We'll presumably find out more as to what Apple plans for the name in a few weeks at WWDC 2023.

Grounding this rumor is the fact that there have been other leaks and trademarks already applied for around the headset – and it could be the case that any of them are actually going to be used.

The Apple VR has long been a rumored device, and it looks like finally, this year, we'll actually see the device become a reality. No one (apart from those involved with the project) knows what it looks like, how it will work, or how much it will cost, but that doesn't stop it from being one of the most exciting parts of WWDC this year.

Its coming to market hasn't all been smooth sailing, but there's a great deal of evidence that says it's coming soon. 

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