WWDC 2023: iOS 17, dates, VR headset and everything you need to know

WWDC 2023
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Apple's annual WWDC 2023 developer conference is only a few days away, and we're expecting to see some big unveilings of the company's new operating systems for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, and Apple TV – and loads more as well.

This is an exciting time for Apple users and fans because we get to see the next iterations of Apple's software and the biggest changes that will be coming to our favorite devices. We often get to see new hardware as well, and this year looks no different. Hopefully, we'll catch a glimpse of the rumored Apple VR Reality Pro VR headset, and more beyond.

Running from June 5 - June 9, we're hoping that we're going to be seeing more about the rumored headset, as well as potential new Macs and MacBooks. Catch the show online, streamed by Apple, or maybe you were lucky enough to get an invite to Apple Park in Cupertino California. Here's everything we know about WWDC 2023 so far.

What to expect at WWDC 2023

At WWDC 2023, iMore's editors believe Apple will unveil new versions of key OS platforms: iOS 17, iPadOS 17, macOS 14, watchOS 10, and the next version of tvOS. Hardware may include includes a new 15-inch MacBook Air and a new Mac Pro (2023) with new Apple silicon ... and of course the Reality Pro VR headset.

WWDC 23: When is WWDC 2023?

Apple iOS wwdc 2023

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WWDC will take place from June 5 to June 9, with a special in-person event on the opening day. 

The exciting stuff all happens on the first day. Apple will unveil iOS 17, iPadOS 17, macOS 14, watchOS 10, and possibly some other goodies at its keynote. It’s also when any hardware will be unveiled. The event usually runs for a few days after, but this is really for developers to try and get the best out of their apps and Apple’s software.

Apple has been inviting numerous experts to the show, but most notably a number of VR experts look to be attending – suggesting that Apple VR is on the cards. On June 5, the Keynote will begin at 10 am PT followed by Apple's State of the Union at 1:30 pm PT.

After Apple's exciting announcements, the Apple Design Awards will celebrate the "creative artistry and technical achievements of Apple's developer community." The event starts at 6:30 pm PT.

WWDC 2023 invitation from Apple

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Throughout the rest of the week there will be sessions on the "most innovative apps and games with cutting-edge Apple tools and technologies", One-on-one labs where developers can ask questions to Apple experts, and Community activities for all the developers at Apple Park.

It sounds like a fun event for everyone there in-person, as for us at home, there will be plenty announced at the Keynote to get us all excited.

WWDC 23: Where will WWDC 2023 be held?

WWDC 2023

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Apple has confirmed that WWDC 2023 will take place in an online format, "with an opportunity for developers and students to celebrate in person at a special experience at Apple Park on opening day." 

What to expect at WWDC 2023

At a glance:

  • iOS 17
  • iPadOS 17
  • macOS 14
  • watchOS 10
  • tvOS 17
  • MacBook Air 13-inch
  • MacBook Air 15-inch
  • Apple VR Reality Pro headset

WWDC 23: iOS 17, iPadOS 17, macOS 14, watchOS 10, and other software

Apple iOS wwdc 2023

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As per usual, we can expect Apple to unveil the next iteration of its major software platforms. That means we should see iOS 17, iPadOS 17, macOS 14, watchOS 10, and the next version of tvOS.

We have heard more generally that Apple is putting nearly all of its 2023 effort into its rumored Apple Reality Pro VR headset at the expense of its mobile and Mac software. This means we could see a less feature-rich set of releases this year, with the VR hardware and its accompanying software taking center stage.

There have been a few big iOS leaks in the run-up to the show. There have been concepts of what iOS 17 might look like, as well as some rumors and rumblings to its extra features – expect a new smart display mode for nightstands, and more features within the Fitness and Wallet portions of the OS.

WWDC 23: 15-inch MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, and other possible hardware

Macbook Air With M2 Chip In Person Wwdc

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Last year, we got to see Apple's new M2 MacBook Air, one of the company's best MacBooks in recent memory. Hardware isn't a mainstay at WWDC, and Apple doesn't always unveil new products. However, there are some possible new Macs in the pipeline that could make an appearance if they aren't unveiled at Apple's expected Spring event. That includes a new 15-inch MacBook Air and a new Mac Pro (2023) rumored to feature the same design as the current model with Apple silicon.

As much as we'd like to see M3 with the 3nm process at WWDC, it's highly unlikely given that most rumors about the new chips point to it coming around later this year. 

Another new product could well steal the show at WWDC, even if it isn't released, as Apple enters its first brand new product market since it unveiled Apple Watch, with the heavily rumored launch of Apple's own VR headset. Read on to find out more.

WWDC 23: Apple Reality Pro and xrOS (Reality OS)

Apple Reality Pro

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Apple Reality Pro, the company's long-rumored VR headset, will reportedly be unveiled at WWDC, according to the most recent rumors. Apple's AR/VR headset will reportedly offer mixed reality experiences, video-conferencing, 4K video, a lightweight design with premium materials, and more. 

According to rumors and reports, this will include a heavy emphasis on video-conferencing and education and integration for Apple's iOS App Store, meaning you'll be able to run all of Apple's best iPhone apps and games as 2D windows. Gaming is thought to be less of a heavy focus, which seems strange given this appears to be a favorite use case for VR headset users. It's also likely going to have some properly next-gen screen and display tech on board, and a large, $3,000 price tag to match.

According to reports, while Reality Pro will be unveiled at WWDC, analysts don't expect it to be available until several months later.

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