Get over $300 in freebies when you upgrade with this Verizon Fios deal

Verizon Wireless
Verizon Wireless (Image credit: iMore)

Verizon Fios uses a fiber-optic connection to deliver massive speed improvements over cable. If that weren't enough of a reason to make the switch, if you sign up online, you'll save the $99 setup fee and Verizon will give you a free Nest Hub Max. This Black Friday Fios deal also comes with 12 months of Disney+ and AMC+ and whole-home Wi-Fi coverage.

If you've been paying attention to the best HomeKit Black Friday deals you'll have seen just how many devices we're adding to our homes that rely on fast internet connections. Verizon's Fios home internet service offers speeds up to 940Mbps down and 880Mbps. If you're using cable for your internet, you're not getting these kinds of upload speeds.

Switching internet providers can be a pain but if you rely on your connection, the extra speed alone will be worth the switch. Still, if you still need to be convinced, Verizon is offering new customers for Gigabit Fios a free Nest Home Max. If you don't want anything Google in your house, you can also choose a $200 Verizon gift card instead.

Verizon also includes 12 months of Disney+ and AMC+ with your new plan. Not only that, but whole-home Wi-Fi is included with the fastest package.

Upgrade to fiber with Fios and get over $300 in freebies for your trouble

Verizon Fios has three speed tiers. The slowest 200Mbps plan only comes with a $50 Verizon Gift card instead of the Nest Hub Max. Still, at $40 per month, it's a great value especially when you consider that your upload speeds match your download speeds. This means you can stream to Twitch or YouTube at 1080p 60 FPS or higher without dropping frames or losing quality. IF you want a bit more, the 400Mbps plan is plenty for most families and it comes with a $100 Verizon gift card.

The gigabit plan is optimal for large families or simply those who want to be sure they always have plenty of speed on deck whether they need to send or receive large files. Plus, the gigabit plan comes with 2TB of Verizon Cloud storage so you can back up your files at high speed.

If you're a Verizon Wireless customer, you can also save up to $20 per month on your plan.

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