Giga Wrecker Alt for Nintendo Switch: Everything you need to know

Nintendo consoles and action platformers are a match made in heaven, and given Game Freak's track record with the company, it's no surprise that one of its handful of non-Pokemon titles, Giga Wrecker Alt, finally is coming to the Nintendo Switch. Giga Wrecker Alt is an action platformer full of robots and breakable scenery that will easily satisfy your desire to tear machinery apart in a fast-paced, destructible world.

With Giga Wrecker Alt's release on the system imminent, here's everything we know about it so far:

What is Giga Wrecker Alt?

In Giga Wrecker Alt, you take control of a young woman named Reika Rekkeiji who was saved from the brink of death unexpectedly and given special cybernetic abilities. As Reika, you'll need to take on the robot invaders, the Ajeet, and stop them from destroying the earth.

How do you play?

Giga Wrecker Alt is a single-player puzzle and action platformer with elements of all three that will be familiar to fans of the genres. You'll jump and move through obstacles and platforms and movement challenges to get further in each level, but you'll also have to fight enemies that come at you from all directions. Reika has a number of abilities you can use to fight, including the power to take the debris from smashed up enemies and environmental obstacles and use that to create weapons and other tools to fight more enemies.

As you traverse the world, you'll also encounter various physics-based puzzles you'll have to overcome to proceed, and will occasionally fight huge and powerful bosses that stand in your path.

What's different from Giga Wrecker?

The original Giga Wrecker game launched in 2017 but was not available on the Nintendo Switch. Now, Giga Wrecker Alt is coming with some new content added from the base game.

Giga Wrecker Alt includes 20 new puzzle stages that were not in the original. It also includes a mode called "Ironman" that's even harder than the main game mode and has a new companion character that can assist you with puzzles or other challenges if you find yourself getting stuck.

Finally, two new languages have been added (Italian and traditional Chinese), and the English localization has been given an overhaul.

Is there a physical edition?

Limited Run Games, a publisher that does limited sales of physical releases for select games, has come out with a physical version of Giga Wrecker Alt for the Nintendo Switch that costs $70. It is currently sold out of its limited release pre-orders, so while you may see the rare physical on a site like eBay, proper physical editions are not available at retail or online except through resales.

When can I get it?

Giga Wrecker Alt is planned for launch on the Nintendo Switch on May 2, 2019.

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